Have you heard about a student from the Philippines named ManilaQC? While still a student, he decided to become a genuine Binance P2P trader and eventually started his own. They have a Telegram group for their long-term customers at t.me/ManilaQC where they can discuss and share their experiences.

Do you have any idea what I’m talking about when I say “Binance P2P merchant”?

I’ll accompany you to help you understand the term “Binance P2P merchant”. I’ll give you a quick overview of Binance, P2P trading, Binance P2P, and the work of a “Binance P2P merchant” in particular.

The adversity that Binance has encountered

When people think of the Binance exchange, they think of Changpeng Zhao, also known as “CZ,” who was born in 1977 in Jiangsu, China.

This exchange was initially created to serve Chinese cryptocurrency investors. However, as the ban on cryptocurrency exchanges grew, Binance was forced to leave China.

Furthermore, Binance was in the sights of many countries, which banned it due to issues with registration, Binance’s headquarters, and so on. Many agencies, including the Financial Services Authority of Japan, the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and the Italian Securities Regulatory Authority, have banned it.

Binance’s success is based on its philosophy

Binance is now proud to be the largest and most reliable exchange in the world, and its operating philosophy of “user is top priority” has captured people’s hearts, and this is the secret to Binance’s success. The Binance Angels’ mission to create educational and informative content for users exemplifies this. Today, over 300 Binance Angels are assisting over 50 local communities in promoting the financial freedom for all.

Reasons why Binance is popular

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All registration procedures are simple in terms of ease of use; you simply need to provide an email or phone number, then verify your identity (KYC). Despite its simplicity, Binance is a powerful cryptocurrency. All registration procedures are simple in terms of ease of use; you simply need to provide an email or phone number, then verify your identity (KYC). Despite its simplicity, Binance always caters to its customers’ various needs. Binance, in fact, offers a wide range of popular crypto exchanges, including liquidity pools, futures, margins, loans, and more.


In terms of security, the platform’s hosting servers are located all over the world, which reduces the chances of it being hacked or crashing. However, it is a fact that attacks and incidents continue to occur. In the case of Binance, the exchange revealed in 2019 that hackers had stolen over 7,000 bitcoins from “hot wallets.” However, the exchange has not yet encountered a similar issue. 

What’s more, they run bug bounty programs on a regular basis to improve the security of the Binance ecosystem. They also have built-in accumulation and Asset Funds Insurance for Users (SAFU). Working closely with law enforcement to ensure that users’ assets are always protected.


In terms of efficiency, because Binance is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange, you have a better chance of being able to exchange your cryptocurrency instantly. Another feature I like about Binance is that it has the lowest transaction fee. It takes 0.1 percent of each transaction as a fee.

What is a P2P transaction?

Are you familiar with the term “peer-to-peer network”? It’s a location where two or more computer systems can connect and share resources without the need for additional servers or software.

Buying and selling cryptocurrency directly between users, without the use of an intermediary, is referred to as a P2P transaction.

In terms of peer-to-peer transactions, I’d like to call attention to Africa, the world’s third largest continent. Why am I bringing up Africa? Because famine, disease, backwardness, colonialism, civil wars, and harsh terrain come to mind when we think of Africa… But did you know that Africa is a true blockchain continent? I’m referring to peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, which are becoming increasingly popular in the African market.

And there are three main reasons why P2P trading is so popular in Africa. One, as in the case of Nigeria, the Fiat currency is devalued. Second, P2P solutions make cross-border remittance payments less of a hassle. Convenience and quick transaction speeds are the third factor driving the adoption of P2P remittance solutions.

What is P2P Binance and how does it work?

Did you know that sometimes freedom comes with risks? For example, in a P2P transaction, while the user has more decision power in the transaction, there are risks when there is no intervention. brokerage services with a third-party card. Binance launched its first P2P platform in China in October of this year.

Binance P2P is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can trade cryptocurrencies directly with other Binance users, with Binance acting as the middleman. The Binance P2P merchants are the people who work on the Binance P2P exchange.

Some opportunities and difficulties of Binance P2P merchants


It can be said that working as a Binance P2P trader provides financial independence to everyone. This work is mostly done online and is inexpensive, so it is convenient.


Aside from the advantages that only P2P transactions provide, there are challenges that only insiders can comprehend. When you decide to become a Binance P2P trader, you will face numerous challenges. They must have a thorough understanding of their market, customers, and how to best serve them in accordance with Binance’s mission.

To avoid risks, you must, for example, keep an eye out for fraudulent accounts that place P2P orders, deal with difficult situations with industry personnel, guide customers, monitor payments, and so on. There is a risk. Furthermore, they must always be creative in order to try new things and improve on old ones in order to create a community for themselves.

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