What is Blockchain Game?

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A blockchain game (also known as an NFT game or a crypto game) is a video game that includes features that use cryptographically-based blockchain technology. Blockchain features are most commonly used in these games to provide cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that players can buy, sell, and trade, thereby generating revenue for the producer.

A blockchain Game is a game genre built on the blockchain platform with a database that will be distributed on an extensive network, not concentrated on a particular server like traditional games.

Outstanding Features of Blockchain Game

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According to recent research by DappRadar x BGA Games, blockchain-based gaming has increased 2,000 percent from Q1 2021, representing 52% of all blockchain activity. Its outstanding features have made this crypto game more popular than ever.

This is considered a breakthrough in the video game industry. In addition to the decentralization that makes the assets evenly distributed to each player, it also has high security to help create a safe environment for both players and publishers.

Besides, the rewards are high-value tokens. The NFTs owned by players are also covered by smart contracts that handle all transactions.

Local cryptocurrencies or other similar tokens will be used for payment. Thereby providing a better and safer transaction experience for users.

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List of well-reviewed blockchain games for money in 2022


  • Axie Infinity
  • Crypto bomb
  • CryptoKitties
  • Decentraland
  • DeFi Kingdom
  • The gods are not trained
  • Nine Chronicles
  • Pegasy
  • Sandbox
  • Splinterlands


  • MIR4
  • Yulgang Global
  • Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT
  • Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid
  • Golden Bros


  • ZomLand
  • DinoStep
  • OnlyRockets
  • Desert farm game
  • Karmaverse Zombie

Blockchain games are often referred to as crypto games or games for money due to their association with cryptocurrencies. A crypto wallet is required for all blockchain games. Most video games have an element of direct play for money, allowing players to directly convert in-game efforts, activities, or items into cryptocurrency.

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