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Crypto Fight Club

Built on BSC network, this is a turn-based fighting game like Pokemon. Players can own boxers and participate in boxing matches or tournaments to earn rewards. Crypto Fight Club items and fighters consist of NFTs. Also, the game is powered by its own native token, $FIGHT and NFTs, all operating on BSC.

People can stake their tokens to earn more and also use that to enhance fighters’ stats. The stats are based on Proof-of-Wait function; where holders earn interests based on delayed gratification. Longer and larger stake will earn more token and fighters’ abilities.


Fighters have 3 main attributes:

Attack (power)


Technique(crit hit)

The game uses turn-based model so it’s basically choose what of those 3 cards to battle. Also the stats of fighters can be affected by what gears players want to use. For example, like gloves, clothes,…

Players can choose to train to achieve certain goals for earning more FIGHT. Or PvP, PvE mode allow players to test their wits.


Token: $FIGHT

Total supply: 1 billion

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The native currency $FIGHT works on an inflationary model with a natural inflation of 1% per year. Users can stake a fixed amount of $FIGHT or LP tokens inside their fighter. Staked tokens are locked and the BEP-721 fighter NFT serves as proof of wait with an APY divided amongst all stakers. Yield from the fighter in the form of $FIGHT can be claimed at the end of the staking period initially set out by the original staker and is calculated daily.

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On Polkastarter

  • 17 DEC — 17 DEC 2021
  • IDO price $ 0.02
  • Hard Cap $ 250,000
  • Lock-up 10% on TGE and then 7,5% monthly
  • Tokens For Sale 12,500,000

On Gamestarter

  • 17 DEC — 17 DEC 2021
  • IDO price $ 0.02
  • Hard Cap $ 350,000
  • Lock-up 10% on TGE and then 7,5% monthly
  • Tokens For Sale 17,500,000


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Crypto Fight Club team has 14 full-stack full-time members ranging from everything marketing, Unity/URE game development, smart contract, and blockchain development, design and web development, JSON scriptwriters, front end/back end devs, and business developers.

The team is absolutely stacked and looking forward to expanding as the business develops.


Crypto Fight Club team successfully raised $3,150,000 in the seed round with 5 investors, they sold 150,000,000 tokens at $0.0185 and Lock-up $10% TGE, 3 months cliff, 18 months.

And recently more investors joined the game like Gamestarter, Mohr Wolfe, Click Blue Creative Network, GBV, Elite Fight Club, The Ring.

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