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What is DeFiHorse (DFH)?

DeFiHorse is an e-sports version of the metaverse horse racing game developed based on blockchain and NFT technology. In the game, you will both admire the beauty of legendary horses and participate in infinite cyberpunk races. Therefore, players need to use their personal and team skills to participate in races, and tournaments and receive tokens and prizes worth up to $ 1,000,000.

DeFiHorse is a combination of 3 factors:

  • Multi-platform game up to billions of dollars: PC – mobile
  • Exciting horse race
  • Blockchain technology and NFT are constantly evolving

DeFiHorse’s plot

In myth, Zeus and his brothers murdered and usurped the throne of their father, the Ancient Titan, Krono. Suddenly one day, that story was re-enacted in human history more fiercely than ever…

On December 24, 2099, the four leading technology corporations in the world at that time had the intention to overthrow the global government. To successfully implement the plan, for many years they have quietly researched and monopolized the most advanced technologies, including genetic technology, quantum technology, space-time technology and intelligent technology. artificial intelligence.

When all four major corporations band together, no government can resist. And of course, the whole world was forced to witness a fierce throne change. Inspired by Zeus and his brothers, they consider themselves Gods of the new world. But conflicts occurred, and they began to turn their backs on each other with the dream of hegemony.

Under the pressure of the parties, although the victory and defeat have not been determined, resources and human resources are increasingly exhausted. Realizing the alarming state of mankind, the four great presidents sat down to negotiate and find a method that could eliminate the loser without bloodshed. At this time the “race among the horses” was born, it was considered a proud pastime of the ancient Greek gods.

They combine technologies to create bioengineered generations of steeds. Whenever there is a dispute over resources or interests between corporations, a race is held. Orphans after the war for the new world were trained and trained to be excellent racers.

But despite the application of many biological techniques with powers beyond human imagination, the corporations failed to control the horses. They begin to develop feelings for their riders. Absolute loyalty and boundless strength from the horses are what the trainer has. Since then, groups of resistance fighters were born and quickly defeated the four major corporations.

Earn money with DeFiHorse

To get the rewards you deserve, patience is the key. The vision, development team, and growth of the project are key factors to consider. Cryptocurrencies need to go through the necessary processes to reach their full potential.

Bring your assets into a passive income stream, receive daily interest and contribute to the growth of the DeFi market.

DeFiHorse Stake-to-Earn

While waiting for the launch of the game, users can earn big money by owning DFH tokens and staking them. And this is great news for DFH owners.

STAKING (Staking): With just a few days left, investors can conduct staking of their tokens and earn rewards at DeFiHorse official website.


Attractive incentives for long-term supporters of the project:

  • 120% APY for 180 days staking
  • 60% APY for 90 days staking
  • 30% APY for flexible bet mode

Note: Rewards will be locked for 12 months.

In addition, it is also possible to participate in building a growing community with the program “Explore DFH Web game” with the first introduced feature of the Trading Market.


Specifically, at the Market, users can buy and trade to choose the right horse for their group. All Steeds will be listed with basic information and images for users to choose from. In addition, Genesis will provide information about the creation of the horses and detailed information. Users can easily choose to buy the horses they want by clicking the “Buy Now” button at the bottom of the page.


In addition, a series of great surprises of NFT Box is waiting for owners! Do not miss it!

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