Over the past two years, the expansion of the DeFi market has brought more growth opportunities for decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Since DEXs are open and do not require KYC verification, they allow users to directly participate in transactions without going through a third party thereby attracting a large number of users.

According to data from The Block, the value locked in DEXs has increased steadily since January 2021. The chart below shows the entire DEX sector is trending up. Compared to the CEX market, DEX still only accounts for a small portion of the total market capitalization. However, this also means that DEX has greater growth prospects than CEX, especially if Layer 2 thrives.


OneSwap is an innovative decentralized exchange (DEX) that runs on multiple public chains including Ethereum, BSC, CSC, and Tron. The exchange does not have any requirements for listing tokens and has an automatic market creation (AMM) feature.

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OneSwap introduced an order book based on the AMM chain that is enabled by smart contracts for liquidity mining. This model allows users to create buy/sell orders at the target price, and all the orders created will be stored in the blockchain’s order book. Meanwhile, the system will match the transactions and make payments according to the buy/sell orders contained in the order book. The integration between the AMM and the order book increases the liquidity of users’ crypto assets, while also solving the liquidity challenges faced by DeFi.

This February, OneSwap launched unified mining of multiple cryptocurrencies, including several key projects in the CSC ecosystem and allowing users to mine multiple cryptocurrencies in one pool. The first unified mining campaign has APY in 7 days with more than 60% and greatly improves the utilization rate of various tokens. Meanwhile, many projects powered by CSC were actively participating in the campaign, initiating the boom of unified mining.

In addition to the product upgrade, OneSwap also launched an innovative product called “Prediction” on April 29. Prediction is a game through which users make profits by betting on rising/falling cryptocurrency prices. OneSwap appreciates the new product and builds a new income model called “Predict to Monetize”. By aggregating price forecasts, Prediction aims to streamline DEX operations through simple, easy-to-use interfaces and expand the CSC ecosystem by providing CET holders with high returns than.

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This new feature is intended to break the conventional notion that using a DEX is often complicated and provides users with a simpler DEX experience. Predictions create a new opportunity to profit during volatile market times. Users can quickly join the game and win prizes by betting on the price trend of cryptocurrencies.

Growing DEX ecosystem & diverse platform

Product & feature innovation and improvement are key growth goals for DEX. In this regard, OneSwap has come up with three improvements:

  1. Enhanced liquidity, security, and transparency thanks to the AMM chain-based order book.
  2. The improved utilization rate of project tokens provided by CSC is a result of the unified mining of multiple cryptocurrencies.
  3. Prediction: an innovative, highly rated product.

As a new DEX, OneSwap improves user experience, builds an increasingly diverse ecosystem, and helps users better understand the active role of DeFi, thereby improving capital efficiency.


DEX will see breakthroughs and revolutions. In the future, OneSwap will introduce more innovative projects to further improve its DEX ecosystem in various aspects and enable DEX to grow sustainably.

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