What is DeFi Kingdoms?

Defi Kingdoms website: defikingdoms.com/

DeFi Kingdoms is a Play-to-Earn game project on the Harmony blockchain platform. The universe of DeFi Kingdom is a combination of games, DEX and Liquid Pool. Along with that is the presence of a variety of NFTs that play an important role in the game; all take place in the context of a fantasy ancient world with pixel art.

DeFi Kingdoms Highlights

Like other Play-to-Earn titles, you can earn rare NFT items with economic value in DeFi Kingdoms and use them on quests for even more rewards. In addition, the project’s mark lies in its very diverse DeFi ecosystem:

DEX – Decentralized Exchange: Right in DeFi Kingdoms, there will be a decentralized exchange using the Uniswap Ver 2 protocol. Where anyone can trade with an up-to-date rate. Even at Market, you can become a liquidity creator and receive fees from traders.

DEX interface in Defi Kingdoms

Yield Farming: At Garden, you can stake lp tokens received from liquidity generation from the Market to receive prizes with JEWEL tokens.

LP interface on Defi Kingdoms

Bank: You can bring stake JEWEL to receive xJEWEL tokens. Since Bank will be able to share fees from transactions on the Market and use them to acquire JEWEL in the market, the xJEWEL rate is always higher than JEWEL. In addition, a portion of the transaction fee with JEWEL in the game is also transferred to the Bank to push up the xJEWEL price.

Stake JEWEL token enters Bank in exchange for xJEWEL

Tavern (Not yet available): An NFT market for brothers to buy and sell NFT generals to play games.

Concept Tavern

The project also has a fairly diverse and attractive gameplay system:

Heroes: This is the main NFT in the game; you need these generals to carry out the mission, fight in PvP mode,… The character system of the game is very diverse and the brothers can upgrade, equip, increase their Heroes power.

Character system in the game

Heroes can then be used to buy and sell, exchange with other players and participate in missions, fight in exchange for PRIZES with JEWEL.

Kingdoms: The map of DeFi Kingdoms will be divided into plots of land in the form of NFT as the very famous titles are My Neighbor Alice or Mines of Dalarnia,… The number of plots in the game is limited, so you can quickly own the prime land and build your own kingdom.

Defi Kingdoms World

These NFT’s will allow players to increase the stats in the game as well as increase the earning rate, receiving more rewards in the game.

As you can see, DeFi Kingdoms has combined its exciting gameplay system with the DeFi ecosystem on the Harmony platform. The project has been completing very well the Gamification work of minh – this is a process of bringing game mechanics, attractive graphic elements into a certain field to create real dynamics, excitement for users.

DeFi Kingdoms Token Information (JEWEL)

Key Metrics JEWEL

  • Token Name: DeFi Kingdoms 
  • Ticker: JEWEL.
  • Blockchain: Harmony.
  • Token Standard: HRC
  • Contract: 0x72cb10c6bfa5624dd07ef608027e366bd690048f
  • Token Type: Governance, Utility 
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 JEWEL
  • Circulating Supply: 62,752,130.00 JEWEL

JEWEL Token allocation


JEWEL Token release schedule


JEWEL Token sale

The project does not hold token sales instead of 10,000,000 JEWEL tokens preminted:

  • 5,000,000 JEWEL: Allocated for future game development and will be unlocked periodically according to the game’s development schedule.
  • 2,000,000 JEWEL: Used for project promotion, such as marketing and airdrop. This section will be unlocked gradually over time.
  • 2,000,000 JEWEL: Create initial liquidity for the JEWEL-ONE pair.
  • 1,000,000 JEWEL: Allocated to the project team. Half will unlock when first started, the other half will be unlocked gradually over time.

JEWEL Token use case

JEWEL is the governance and utility token of DeFi Kingdoms, used in the following activities:

  • Governance: Jewel holders will have the right to participate in the management decisions of the project.
  • Use as currency in the game: Buy and sell NFT: Kingdoms, Heroes, upgrade works, pay mission bonuses,…
  • Reward the liquidity provider.
  • You can stake jewel coins in a place called the Bank to receive transaction fees from DeFi Kingdoms DEX and transactions using JEWEL coins.
Banking in the game

JEWEL Exchange

Jewel can currently be traded at Harmony’s DEX exchanges such as DeFi Kingdoms, Viperswap,… Or you can buy on CEX platforms such as MEXC and Hotbit

Roadmap & Updates

  • Phase 0.5 – Community (Completed).
  • Phase 1 – Capital & JEWELs (Completed).
  • Phase 2 – Heroes & Quests (Q4 2021).
  • Phase 3 – Kingdoms & Land.
  • Phase 4 – Buildings.
  • Phase 5 – Equipment.
  • Phase 6 – Battle System, PVE & PVP.

Project team, investors & partners

Project team

The team behind DeFi Kingdom has so far remained anonymous. I will update you more when I have information.





Artemis Protocol, a multi-product DeFi protocol on the Harmony blockchain, has partnered with DeFi Kingdoms to serve as the launchpad platform for the project as well as serve as a launchpad for the project to grow.

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