Currently with the increasing diversity of cryptocurrencies, as well as the transaction needs of users with many different purposes. The flow of cryptocurrency from one exchange’s wallet to another  attracts a lot of attention. Below we will guide you through the details of how to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency on Binance exchange on a web browser

Wallets Overview on Binance exchange

The Binance exchange provides a variety of wallets to help us manage our accounts more easily; each hosting wallet has its own set of features. You should pay attention to the following wallets when making transactions:

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  • Fiat and Spot Wallet: is a wallet that stores cryptocurrencies used for normal transactions (Spot).
  • Margin Wallet: is a wallet that stores leveraged cryptocurrency for trading.
  • Future Wallet: is a wallet that stores cryptocurrencies used to trade futures contracts.
  • Funding Wallet: is an alternative to P2P wallet, a place to store cryptocurrencies from P2P buy/sell orders, Binance Pay and Binance Card, etc. via OTC.
  • Earn Wallet: Stores cryptocurrencies for platforms like Savings, staking, Launchpad…

After you have coins in your P2P wallet (Funding) by P2P transaction, you can transfer coins from P2P wallet to other wallets, or between wallets accordingly  with your investment needs.

How to transfer cryptocurrency between wallets on Binance

At the “Overview” interface, select “Transfer”


– Then you can choose the wallets to transfer to each other depending on the purpose of use, choose the type of coin and the amount of coin you want to transfer. Then click confirm to complete. There is no transaction fee to switch between wallets.

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How to deposit, withdraw cryptocurrency on Binance

We can withdraw cryptocurrency or deposit cryptocurrency from one exchange’s wallet to another exchange wallet (CEX, DEX…) just make sure they are trading on the same Blockchain network .

Understand simply:

If anyone wants to deposit crypto to your binance wallet, you need to give them the wallet address of Binance exchange.

If you want to withdraw money from your wallet on Binance exchange to another wallet, you need to be provided with the recipient’s wallet address.

–  Deposit

– Log in to your Binance account and click “Wallet” and select “Overview”

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– Then you select the wallet “Fiat and Spot”, click “Deposit” or enter the name of the coin to be loaded into the coin search box and click “Deposit” as below:

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– A window will appear as below, choose “Crypto Deposit”

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– You choose the cryptocurrency to deposit into your wallet, click on the icon below to select or find the coin you want to deposit

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– You suppose to choose USDT as the coin you want to deposit, then click on the icon below to select the Blockchain network to transfer money.

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– After you click on the icon above, you will have the interface to choose the appropriate payment network. Since it is issued on many different Blockchain networks, make sure that the network you choose to deposit funds is the same as the network of the platform you are using to withdraw funds. If you choose not to network match, your funds may be loss

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Some of the supported networks on Binance exchange:

  • AVAXC represents the Avalanche network
  • BEP2 represents BNB Beacon Chain
  • BEP20 represents BNB Smart Chain (BSC)
  • ERC20 represents the Ethereum network.
  • MATIC represents the Polygon network
  • SOL represents the Solana network
  • TRC20 represents the TRON network.
  • BTC represents the Bitcoin network.
  • BTC (SegWit) represents Native Segwit (bech32). You are allowed to withdraw or send Bitcoin you are holding to SegWit address (bech32).

– Suppose you use BEP20 network to deposit money. Your payment address will now appear. You get the address by clicking on one of the 2 icons that the arrow points below to copy or scan the QR Code, then paste the address into the address field on the platform you intend to withdraw crypto from. Wait for the system to confirm the transaction, after the system confirms the money will be transferred to your Binance wallet account

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– Withdraw

Withdrawal is similar to deposit, you go to the wallet “Fiat and Spot”, then click “Withdraw”, or enter the name of the coin to be submitted in the coin search box and click “Withdraw” as below.:

– Then you will see some information like below

You enter the address you want to receive money on the platform you intend to receive that cryptocurrency, continue to choose the appropriate network between the two receiving and withdrawing platforms, enter the amount you want to withdraw.

Click “Withdraw” and wait for the system to confirm the transaction, after the system confirms the cryptocurrency will be transferred from your Binance wallet account to another wallet address of the platform you want to receive.

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Hopefully, this article will help you to some extent on how to deposit and withdraw coins on the Binance exchange.

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