What is vEmpire DDAO (VEMP)?

vEmpire DDAO is the largest decentralized Metaverse investment organization today. It is the world’s first platform that allows investors to profit from their Metaverse asset holdings. Earnings are paid in VEMP tokens (vEmpire DDAO’s native token) and initial staked tokens.

In addition, vEmpire DDAO is also the largest decentralized virtual property and real estate owner currently operating in the cryptocurrency industry. vEmpire DDAO is working in the GameFi and NFT fields and creating new Metaverse projects.



With the advantage of being a pioneer, vEmpire DDAO is able to purchase virtual properties and real estate in prime locations on some of the largest and most used metaverse platforms in the industry. This has allowed the organization to own a large number of Metaverse assets with input prices about 90% lower than the current market value.

Therefore, if any protocol wants to be a competitor to vEmpire DDAO, they will have to pay a significant premium to be able to compete with this project’s Metaverse portfolio of assets.

The goal of vEmpire DDAO is to protect decentralized technologies, like Metaverse, from centralized entities trying to gain control for personal gain. The project wishes to make it easier, fairer, and more equal for the community to invest in Metaverse, GameFi, and NFTs. This will ensure that investment in Web 3.0 technology and Metaverse isn’t just for the rich, allowing the sector to reach its full potential as an extension of the digital world.

To date, vEmpire DDAO has over $55 million worth of Metaverse tokens staked on the platform. This helped contribute to the huge investment in Metaverse while also keeping the platform decentralized.

Main function


In less than a year since its launch, vEmpire has moved from simply providing staking pools for Metaverse tokens to offering a range of services leveraging Metaverse technology.

DDAO (Democratic Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

vEmpire is redefining DAOs by providing a new model called Democratic DAOs, or DDAOs. This is a fairer system. While a regular DAO would provide voting rights based on the amount held in the wallet, DDAO would do so as a single vote per participating wallet (minimum of 100,000 xVEMP). Therefore, whether you have 100,000 xVEMP or 1,000,000 xVEMP, your vote is equal to everyone else’s.

This is important as it will allow the participation of all community members, not just those with strong financial resources. It also helps to keep vEmpire under the control of the wider community.

Metaverse Token Staking

vEmpire is the world’s first protocol that allows users to stake Metaverse tokens. The Metaverse DeFi aggregator will help the community earn a passive profit from their Metaverse holdings. Additionally, users will be exposed to assets with strong capital appreciation potential.

Currently, the vEmpire platform supports staking for six metaverse-based cryptocurrencies, including: ETH, SAND, MANA, AXS, STARL, and BNB. The project is planning to add other Metaverse projects on multiple blockchain networks.

NFTs and Gaming


The project is also active in the fields of NFT and GameFi by developing Play to Earn games and a series of NFTs.

vEmpire ensures that it can provide the community with immersive gaming experiences while interacting with the platform and while meeting the wants and needs of early adopters of Metaverse technology.

The first game on vEmpire was The Beginning. This is a strategy card game that allows players to fight each other for exciting rewards in DDAO.

In addition, the project has also started developing other Play to Earn games.


vEmpire DDAO is committed to contributing to the widespread adoption of Play to Earn protocols and decentralized Metaverse games. That is why the foundation has created an incubator to help promising projects get to market soon.

If you are building a project in the GameFi, NFT, or Metaverse sub-sectors, vEmpire DDAO will assist you in fundraising, marketing, etc.


vEmpire DDAO is an organization that runs throughout the entire Metaverse and not just in terms of investment. In order to increase overall Metaverse adoption, the project will host or help host private and public events on Metaverse platforms such as Decentraland.

This will contribute to increased adoption of Metaversal for corporate, social, and entertainment events.


The guild consists of scholar groups that play Play to Earn based on vEmpires GameFi & Metaverse to earn financial rewards for DDAO.

The Metaverse Scholarship program lowers the barrier to entry for players to earn financial rewards from Play to Earn games, benefiting both the Scholars themselves and the vEmpire protocol.

Currently, vEmpire’s Guild consists of over 400 scholars playing games like Axie Infinity, Influence, and Aavegotchi.

What is a VEMP token?


VEMP is a native token of vEmpire. Initially, this token was launched on an Incubated Launch Offering of Unicrypt. VEMP is used for staking on the vEmpire platform and paying rewards to stakers.

xVEMP is a governance token that provides access to vote on proposals in the DDAO. All holders of a minimum of 100,000 xVEMP have equal voting rights. That way, vEmpire doesn’t allow the “whales” to control the protocol. xVEMP holders are also eligible for bonus rewards, NFTs, and other Metaverse asset giveaways.

xVEMP is generated by staking VEMP.

Basic information about the VEMP token

637 1

Name: eVmpire token

Symbol: VEMP

Blockchain: Ethereum

Standard: ERC-20

Type: Administration Token

Contract: 0xcfeb09c3c5f0f78ad72166d55f9e6e9a60e96eec

Total supply: 810,720,000 VEMP

Supply of circulation: 172,699,932 VEMP

Token Allocation

Emissions from strategy: 57.2%

Investors: 3.1%

team: 13.3%

Circulating: 21.4%

Advisors: 5%

Where to store tokens and buy and sell VEMP?

VEMP is an ERC-20 standard token. Therefore, you can store this token on several Ethereum wallets, such as: Metamask, Trust Wallet, imToken, Coinbase Wallet, Coin98 Wallet, Ledger and Trezor cold wallets, etc.

Alternatively, you can also host VEMP on exchanges that support it.

Currently, you can buy VEMP tokens on a number of exchanges, such as: MEXC, Gate, UniSwap, PancakeSwap,…

Project team, investors, and partners

Project team



Empire DDAO is being invested in by a number of organizations with great influence in the industry, such as: MEXC, Chainlink, Polygon, MoonWhale,…



The project has a partnership relationship with a number of Metaverse and GameFi platforms, such as: Decentraland (MANA), Axie Infinity (AXS), Starl (STARL), Sandbox (SAND),…

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