Optimism experienced high loads waning after its OP governance token was launched, OP traffic causing delays on the Optimism blockchain mainnet, and remote procedure calls (RPC).

OP traffic is overloaded.

The network’s delay OP’s traffic is particularly notable as Optimism’s token drop has been noticed, after other popular airdrops were hit with turbulence and in the wake of the effort. them to donate tokens to community members and other stakeholders. Compounding the issue is an indication that some participants were able to claim tokens prior to the official announcement.

Optimism Responds to Trading Delays After Launch of Token on Twitter

RPC is a set of communication protocols that allow another entity, such as MetaMask, to interact with other protocols, such as Optimism’s layer 2 blockchains. With Optimism’s RPC decreasing, users cannot buy or sell OPs as they cannot access the Optimism blockchain through the default applications on its RPC.

This also means that many default applications on Optimism’s RPC, such as Uniswap or MetaMask, cannot communicate Optimism’s request to execute transactions.

As an updated article, after launched 248,000 addresses were allocated 214 million OP tokens (5% of 4.29 billion supply), with a qualified addresses bag average of 860 OP tokens. However, after that, 17,000 addresses were excluded, reducing the total number of wallets expected to 231,000.

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