What is BTSE?

BTSE is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange platform with a community of cryptocurrency users. This platform was officially launched in 2018 under the ownership of BTSE Holdings Limited. BTSE allows users to trade multi-currency (multi-currency) by term.

BTSE is designed for efficiency and stability in the cryptocurrency trading landscape. Through technical improvements, the BTSE helps traders overcome many limitations.

BTSE’s next-generation matcher operates in-memory without relying on the database. As a result, the transaction processing speed is extremely fast and reduces the overload on the system. In addition, the horizontal scaling platform is intended to minimize downtime. All user transactions are secured to ensure operational efficiency.

The essence of BTSE is a hybrid of a classic cryptocurrency exchange that offers spot and futures trading. This is considered the most viable crypto exchange space in the crypto world right now.



The main goal of BTSE is to contribute towards the development of Futures 2.0 (Future Contracts). This is an upgraded version of Crypto Futures Trading. Currently, futures trading is becoming more and more popular. For the BTSE, futures transactions grow by up to 30% every quarter. Compared to many major exchanges, this number is still quite modest. But for a new exchange like BTSE, this is also an admirable achievement.

However, today’s futures exchanges all face common problems, creating a large gap between user needs and exchange platforms, such as:

  • The user interface is unintuitive and inefficient.
  • Force users to only transact with cryptocurrencies.
  • Platforms are often unreliable (overloaded and lots of downtimes).

When participating in trading on the BTSE, you can register funds and pay with both crypto and fiat. As a result, market liquidity and certain asset classes will be efficiently aggregated. In addition, BTSE is also a “bridge” between the crypto and non-crypto futures markets. With BTSE, you can trade coins without holding any coins.

Outstanding Features


BTSE operates a diverse “fiat-to-crypto currency” currency exchange. The platform offers spot, futures, and derivatives trading.

Margin supports multiple assets

This is one of the most prominent features of the BTSE Futures platform. The platform allows users to use cryptocurrencies and fiat as margin collateral.

When trading futures with Bitcoin or Tether and paying in USD, traders can deposit with both fiat and crypto. Currently, BTSE supports eight main fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, JPY, and GBP, with six coins: BTC, ETH, LTC, and USDT.

Allows payment of future transactions in USD

The Binance Futures trading feature is designed to be linearly simple. Here, user profits and losses can be denominated in USD.

In addition, users can convert profits into currency according to their needs with just one click. This is done through the platform’s Spot Wallet or by buying USDT in the order book.

Allows payment of futures transactions in multiple currencies


Not only is it allowed to use multiple currencies as collateral, but BTSE also supports users to pay for future transactions. Traders can process their trades in any currency suitable for their purposes.

BTSE currently supports payments in BTC, USD, and USDT with any currency used as collateral.

Benefit from derivative products

In fact, traders can benefit from BTSE’s derivative products for investment and hedging. The BTSE Futures platform has the potential to bridge the gap between traditional fiat traders and coin holders. In addition, multi-currency order books allow global users to transact in a consolidated order book with high liquidity.

Network security

BTSE regularly checks for penetration and network security in the ecosystem. This process is implemented to ensure the security of the entire system.

Unlike exchanges that operate on cloud service, BTSE uses independent servers that operate on DDoS. As a result, the security features of BTSE are implemented 24/7 with a modern firewall.

In essence, BTSE is capable of auto-archiving. So the platform can flexibly adapt its hardware and define the internal network architecture to enhance security. Best of all, data is distributed across multiple integrated data centers with redundancy, additional protection, and site reliability.

In addition, BTSE combines both cold storage and hot wallet techniques to ensure the safety of users’ assets. In addition, the platform offers a quick withdrawal feature. All transactions are made based on algorithms to ensure user privacy.

Have a connection with the Liquid Network

BTSE is a key member of Blockstream’s Liquid Network—an inter-network payment exchange. BTSE Liquid allows traders to quickly transfer crypto between different exchanges. In addition, Liquid also increases liquidity and optimizes costs. Users can store their assets in a private wallet for easy control.

What is a BTSE coin?


The original token issued by the BTSE Exchange ecosystem is the BTSE coin. In essence, BTSE Coin is the first Swap token to run on Liquid, a Bitcoin sidechain-based payment network for traders.

Basic information on the BTSE Token

The token’s name is BTSE Token.

Ticker: BTSE.

Blockchain stands for Liquid Network.

Token Standard: Updating

Token Classification: Updating

Contracts: 0x666d875c600aa06ac1cf15641361dec3b00432ef

The total supply is 200,000,000.

Release Schedule


BTSE coin holders will not have to go through a token lockout period. However, to enjoy profits and discounts, holders need to keep tokens in their BTSE account.

The BTSEs that will be stored (including unsold tokens in the Private Sale) will be unlocked gradually over the years. As follows:

  • At the end of the retail period, 15% of the total BTSE coins held by the system will unlock linearly over the next 12 months.
  • Over the next 12 months, an additional 25% of the total BTSE coins held by the system will be unlocked in a linear fashion.
  • 42 months after the end of the retail period, an additional 25% of the total BTSE coins held by the system will unlock linearly over the next 12 days of the month.
  • 54 months after the end of the retail period, the remaining BTSE coins will be unlocked linearly over the next 12 months.

Where to buy and sell BTSE coins?

BTSE coin is currently only available on three major exchanges: BTSE, Bitfinex, and UniSwap.

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