What is Dextool (DEXT)?

Dextool (DEXT) is an application for analyzing and evaluating crypto assets on DEX exchanges. This tool provides the most complete overview of the token’s analytics to improve your trading strategy. For the token swap feature on UniSwap or SushiSwap, traders are required to use DexTool.

By synchronizing blockchain data into one comprehensive user interface, Dextool helps you better understand your trading, investments, and the current state of the crypto market. The DexTool tool is focused on ensuring the quality of the data provided by the infrastructure in real-time and reliably. At the same time, Dextool is also completely decentralized and strongly community driven. Some of DexTool’s development is based on community feedback and other supportive initiatives such as DEXT Force and DEXT Force Ventures.

In the upcoming update, Dextool will branch out to support CEX exchanges. Because DeFi develops very quickly, most of the transactions take place on the CEX exchange.

What problems does Dextool solve?


The Dextool tool allows users to monitor large spreads on pool pairs, predict market movements through whale wallet tracking, or copy highly profitable wallets.

Dextool started as a base project to monitor Dextool. At the same time, the Dextool development team quickly attracted followers and focused support on many different DEX exchanges. Currently, the project is considered an essential hub for DeFi transactions, a tool for users to analyze transactions, and is also an official partner of CoinMarketCap.

Main functions


Pool Explorer

Through Pool Explorer, you can easily search for trending pools to choose gems (coins/tokens with strong growth potential in the future but low prices). At the same time, you can quickly see the total pool value of a token pair.

Dextool’s Pool Explorer also helps users track added and removed liquidity, a great way to know the gain or loss for tokens. All important links, such as the token’s Etherscan or Uniswap page, are in one place, making it easy for users to verify information. Pool Explorer also has some quick links to see if the pool is locked for liquidity through UniCrypt.

Pair Explorer

Pair Explorer on Dextool will display Pair’s information such as pool address, website, added token to Metamask, Telegram group, Twitter, etc. Thanks to that, you can monitor transaction history and price action charts in real-time along with keeping tabs on favorite tokens. At the same time, the Dextool tool also generates scores for token pairs that can help investors avoid scams. Pair Explorer is integrated like TradingView. The token’s price chart can use indicators and indicator tools.

Big Swap

The Big Swap tool in Dextool helps users keep track of large transactions, aka whale trades. Tracking large sell swaps, for example, can help users time their purchases to catch the falling prices.


With MultiSwap, users do not need to open multiple browsers and tabs on Dextool to interact with multiple pairs on one screen.


The Notifications feature can alert the user to the price for their favorite tokens via desktop, email, or Telegram. This is an important tool to use to improve users’ DeFi trading strategies. because current DEX exchanges do not support stop-win or stop-loss orders.


Tracking helps users to track their position across all altcoins. Especially if users are buying tokens to move around pools, Dextool makes it easy for users to do so with built-in P&L tracking tools in their positions. A trading diary is one of the best ways to record trading decisions. Users can hold themselves accountable and improve their trading strategy over time.

What is DEXT coin?


The DEXT coin is the official token in the Dextool ecosystem. Dextool’s role helps users vote to unlock features in the DeFi app. For example, paying users can have an unlimited number of favorite token pairs; create limit orders; access the Velox trading bot; etc.

Users have the option to subscribe, like pay a monthly amount of 150 USD in DEXT coin or just keep 20,000 DEXT for the standard tier. As for the Premium level, users must hold 100,000 DEXT to unlock two special features, DEXTShare and DEXTForce.

Holders of 100,000 DEXT will receive 90% of the subscription revenue corresponding to the amount they hold.

DEXTForce Ventures: The benefit of being a Premium Holder is the opportunity for users to join the Presale as a group and not as individuals.

Basic information about the DEXT coin


Token Name: Dextool

Ticker: DEXT

Blockchain: Ethereum

Token Type: Utility Token

Token Standard: ERC20.

105,863,860 in circulation

The total supply is 147,783,255.

The maximum supply is 147,783,255.

Contract: 0xfb7b4564402e5500db5bb6d63ae671302777c75a

Where can DEXT coins be bought, sold, and stored?

DEXT coin is currently listed and supported for trading on two exchanges: UniSwap, PancakeSwap,…

DEXT is an ERC20 token. As a result, you can safely store it on supported e-wallets like MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Trezor, TrustWallet, Coin98, and others.

Developers, investors, and partners


Development team

Dextool was founded by Frederic and Javier. They are developers and traders with many years of experience in crypto finance.

Pablo is the CTO of the Dextool project. In the wake of Dextool, Pablo joined and helped the project develop better in the early stages, laying the foundation for a more professional platform in the future.


Dextool is a project that provides real-time analysis tools, enabling users to trade effectively on DEX exchanges. Therefore, Dextool has attracted much attention from the crypto community as well as major organizations in the industry, such as Sushiswap, YFDAI, LID, FalconSwap, Fera Strategies, 1inch, etc.

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