What is Raydium (RAY)?

Raydium is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) and liquidity provider built on the Raydium platform. The platform is operated on the Solana Blockchain network for the decentralized exchange Serum (DeX).

Acting by the AMM mechanism is considered an outstanding advantage of Raydium in serum. The primary mission of Raydium is to bring new projects and protocols into the ecosystem.

The new protocols are considered “bridges” for projects that want to expand to Solana and Serum. Besides, Raydium also issued its own token called RAY. These tokens will become the development foundation of the entire ecosystem.

Unlike any other AMM, Raydium provides on-chain liquidity to a central limit order book. This means that Raydium’s LPs (Liquidity Providers) have access to the entire order and liquidity process on the Serum.

Raydium’s primary goal is to become a leading platform in serum AMMs and LPs. Besides, Raydium also tries to utilize Solana’s resources to become the best-decentralized finance (DeFi) platform.

Some features of Raydium



This is a typical feature of Raydium when inheriting the power of Serum. Raydium integrates Oderbook with the AMM mechanism and utilizes the liquidity provided by Serum to create various orders on the platform, such as Limit Order or Market Order.

Raydium DeX

Raydium allows users to make trades by providing liquidity into pools. The platform develops this feature to serve exchange and purchase activities between products that are less likely to be transacted. Besides, Raydium DeX also helps users to swap (swap) their tokens without going through the order book. In particular, this process has extremely low gas and transaction fees.


Raydium allows LPs to earn additional rewards for contributing liquidity to pools. Recently, Raydium launched the Permissionless Pool. This feature allows any user to create an AMM pool for trading. It can be said that the launch of Permissionless Pool is how Raydium creates extremely solid liquidity for its community.


Raydium’s Farm serves as a liquidity pool, allowing LPs to generate RAY tokens. Besides transaction fees, these tokens will also become new rewards when users complete farming.


Raydium, like other platforms, allows investors to stake their money. If you own Ray tokens, staking is the best way for you to easily earn new Ray tokens.


This is a launchpad that supports the latest projects in the Solana ecosystem. AcceleRaytor did a great job of raising capital and increasing initial liquidity for early projects. Currently, there have been many successful projects funded and launched on this launchpad.

What makes Raydium stand out from other AMMs?

  • Raydium inherits the performance of Solana Blockchain to shorten the transaction time and save more gas fees. It can be said that the most outstanding advantage of Raydium is the best distance-second “cost.” Therefore, when joining Raydium, users will get the most optimal experience.
  • Raydium helps users get closer to the liquidity of the Serum Orderbook—one of the most liquid DeX exchanges on Serum.
  • Raydium provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface, such as TradingView chart, Limit Order, Market Order, etc.
  • Raydium opens up the space for IDO projects to raise capital and launch.

AcceleRaytor – Raydium’s launchpad

The AcceleRaytor is an IDO launchpad by Raydium. The primary mission of this launchpad is to promote the growth and expansion of the Solana ecosystem. New project development teams can sign up for AcceleRaytor to raise capital through a token sale on the platform. Most of these new tokens have strong support from the Raydium community.

A prerequisite before participating in IDO on AcceleRaytor is that users need to stake RAY. The more you Skate RAY, the more likely you are to complete your project. Currently, there are 7 projects working on Solana launched on this platform.

In the near future, a new IDO project will be launched on AcceleRaytor called DeFi Land—a multi-chain financial gaming platform. This project has undergone the first token sale on the IDO Solanium platform and raised 100,000 USDC from investors. This means that Solana’s launchpads are heating up the market.

Steps to buy IDO on Raydium


What do I need to prepare before joining?

Before participating in IDO on Raydium, you need to prepare the following “materials”:

  • Solana Wallet (SPL): You need a “wallet” to store your tokens. Solana wallet is the best choice. The Solana wallet is compatible with other SPL wallets such as Fantom, Sollet, Solflare, and others.
  • To participate in the IDO project, users need to stake the RAY token. Therefore, an indispensable element in the preparation step is the RAY token.
  • USDC: Users need to deposit USDC into the token pool corresponding to their lottery tickets before they can be sold.

Steps to stake RAY to participate in IDO

Step 1: Visit the Raydium homepage at http://raydium.io/. Select “Launch app” on the AcceleRaytor IDO platform.


Step 2: To connect to a hosted wallet, select “Connect” in the top right corner of the page. Then, select the corresponding storage wallet.


Step 3: At the menu panel, click “Staking” to start staking tokens.


Step 4: Enter the number of Ray tokens you want to stake and click “Confirm”.


So you’ve finished staking RAY tokens on the AcceleRaytor – Raydium launchpad.Now, you just need to wait for the IDO project to open for sale.


When IDO is open for sale, you will see the number of lottery tickets you own. When the lottery ends, you can take the winning ticket and receive the corresponding token. Conversely, if luck hasn’t smiled on you yet, you can get your USDC back.

Raydium is a reputable platform with many potential and quality IDO projects. However, IDO is still a risky investment method, and can cause you to lose your investment. Therefore, you need to confirm with the funding source and consider carefully before participating in the IDO investment.

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