Cronos is an ecosystem that is close to the Binance Smart Chain of Binance. In recent times, this ecosystem is receiving strong attention from the community thanks to outstanding products.


What is the CronaSwap exchange?

CronaSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Cronos Chain ecosystem. This exchange allows anyone to trade and swap CRC-20 standard tokens easily at high speed and low cost.

CronaSwap is committed to bringing true value, fairness, and innovation to the DeFi space through the quality services and products it is providing.

Featured products on CronaSwap



CronaSwap allows you to trade without going through an intermediary. Every transaction on CronaSwap is transferred directly to your private wallet. When performing a token swap, the transaction fee you have to pay is 0.25% and is broken down as follows:

Rewards for Liquidity Providers

  • 0.03%: Transfer to Treasury.
  • 0.05%: Purchased and burned CRONA.

Liquidity Pools

When adding liquidity to the pool, you will receive LP tokens. When someone does a token swap and pays a 0.25% transaction fee, you will get 0.17% as a reward.

You can also stake your LP tokens to get more CRNA on the farm.

For example, if you add liquidity to the CRO/CRONA pool, you will receive CRO-CRONA LP tokens. The number of LP tokens you receive represents your stake in the pool. You can request your withdrawal by liquidation.

You can only swap tokens on CronaSwap if there is enough liquidity for those tokens. If no one adds a lot of liquidity to the token they want to swap, the swap process will be difficult, expensive, or impossible.

Therefore, the provision of liquidity is to ensure that transactions always go smoothly on the exchange.


Farms provide many opportunities for users to earn extra income. You can stake your LP tokens and earn CRNA tokens in return.

Launch Pool

Mining is a less resource-intensive alternative to Launch Pool. This function allows you to use your tokens to earn other tokens for free.

In other words, you will lock up your cryptocurrency for a reward, such as staking crona in exchange for more crona. CronaSwap is planning to add more tokens in the future.



A lottery is a game of chance with winners selected at random. The lottery feature allows every user who has purchased at least one lottery ticket to have a chance to win a huge CRNA prize.

Some other information about the lottery:

  • Valid lottery token: Crona
  • The cost of 1 lottery ticket is 2 USD converted to CRONA tokens.
  • User purchase limit: 500 tickets in one go.
  • Infinite
  • Time: 12 hours for 1 round.
  • A lottery ticket gives the user a random 6-digit combination between 0-9.
  • The numbers on the ticket must match in the correct order to win.


Basic information about Crona token

Ticker: Crona

Blockchain: Cronos

Token Type: Utility

Token Standard: Updating

Contract: Updating

300,000,000 total supply

The initial supply of CRONA is 48,000,000.

The initial market capitalization is $7,680,000 USD.

Token allocation


Instructions for using the basic features of CronaSwap

Connect wallet


Step 1: You access the address:, then click “Connect to a Wallet” to connect the wallet.

Step 2: Choose one of the wallets as shown below. The article will choose the Metamask wallet.

If you do not know how to use Metamask Wallet, you can refer to the article What is Metamask Wallet?

You need to switch the network on your Metamask wallet to Cronos.

Swap Token


Step 1: At the homepage, click on Swap, then select the token pair you want to swap. For example, CRO-CRONA.

Step 2: Enter the number of tokens in the Swap Form box. Swappable tokens are automatically displayed in Swap To.

Step 3: Tap on the settings to adjust the slippage.

Step 4: After entering, click Swap->Confirm Swap and confirm again on the Metamask wallet.


Your Metamask Wallet needs to add the token you want to swap.

Add Liquidity

728 1

Step 1: You select Pool -> Add to start adding liquidity.

Step 2: You can select the token pair, then enter the quantity, and then click Add Liquidity.

Step 3: Confirm and finish the Metamask wallet.

To withdraw liquidity, click the Remove tab and enter the rate you want to withdraw. Then, press the Remove button and confirm the wallet side again.


Step 1: Click on Farm V2, then select the LP token you want to stake. Token LP is generated by providing liquidity.


Step 2: Enter the amount you need to send in the Wallet Balance box and click Stake -> Confirm Stake. Then confirm the Metamask wallet again.

If you want to Unstake, enter the number of tokens in the Your Staked box and click Unstake. Then confirm the wallet side again.



Step 1: At the homepage, click on Stake, then select the appropriate pool.

Step 2: Enter the amount of CRONA tokens to stake into the Balance box and press Stake, then confirm again in the Metamask wallet.

If you want to unstake, enter the number of tokens in the Your Staked box and click Unstake. Then confirm the wallet side again.

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