Introducing Sipher, rarely one sees a gamefi like that. What makes a gamefi unique in this crowded market of crypto and NFT? Some would say it’s all about the gameplay, exceptional artworks, and distinctive in-game rewards maybe others argue tokenomics, dev team and clear future plans of the project are the points to determine the good of the project. However, one would say it’s something a bit of both and besides that, there has to be creative diverse marketplace within the game itself.



Sipher (SIPHER) is game project built on the ETH Blockchain platform, where players will use their avatars to participate in combat in the MOBA game genre – characters will compete for lands in Sipheria – World of Blocks to receive valuable prizes reward.

Sipher is built on the ERC721 blockchain platform, the first collection includes 10,000 characters (named Sipherian Surge) of the SIPHER INU strain. Sipher’s goal is to develop into a Dapp Multigame, focusing on developing the community elements through the guild mechanism in the game. Also, their goals include to integrate blockchain tech into the game as a necessity and then develop the community along with the game.


Token name: SIPHER

Utility: Utility, Governance.

Network: ETH (ERC-721)

Game incentives and Marketing: 30.4 % (304,000,000 $SIPHER tokens)

Team and advisors: 25% (250,000,000 $SIPHER tokens)

Foundation Reserve: 14% (140,000,000 $SIPHER tokens)

Listing and Liquidity rewards: 10% (100,000,000 $SIPHER tokens)

Seed sale: 11.3% (113,000,000 $SIPHER tokens)

Strategic sale: 5% (50,000,000 $SIPHER tokens)

Public sale: 4% (40,000,000 $SIPHER tokens)

Promotion and parnership: 0.3% (3,000,000 $SIPHER tokens)


The total supply will be 1,000,000,000 $SIPHER tokens to be minted. The tokens will be distributed since the Token Generation Event (TGE) to the following stakeholders within the ecosystem:

  • Team & Advisors – 16 months cliff period followed by 24 months vesting
  • Foundation & Reserve – 30 months cliff period followed by 24 months vesting
  • Listing & Liquidity Rewards – release 15% at TGE followed by 11 months vesting
  • Game Incentives & Marketing – 1 month cliff period and release over time based on demand
  • Seed Sale– 16 months cliff period followed by 18 months vesting
  • Promotion & Partnerships – 3 months cliff period followed by 12 months vesting
  • Strategic Sale – 16 months cliff period followed by 18 months vesting
  • Public Sale– No vesting



  • Capped supply at 1,000,000,000 Tokens.
  • Multifunctional governance token of Sipher Universe, with applications both in-game and in real-world policy.
  • required for the cloning creation of new characters, marketplace transaction fee for in-game items and to purchase specialty items from the Sipher Laboratory.
  • used for staking for Sipher Vault Governance and earn staking rewards, incentivizing all participants that contribute to the Sipher Universe.
  • distributed through sales during Seed, Strategic and Public Sales. Following that, $SIPHER will be distributed to those contributing to the game ecosystem.
  • A large percentage of $SIPHER fees collected through ecosystem activities will be going to Sipher Vault.


  • the World Energy of Sipher will be minted and burn throughout the life of Sipher Universe. A small fraction of $ATHER could be available through various distribution mechanics, leading up to the full launch of the game. Since game launch, $ATHER can only be earned through in-game activities.
  • one of the needed resources used to power all the in-game creation and progression activities such as crafting, leveling up characters and equipment, unlocking new skills, and constructing buildings on top of in-game land.
  • minted and rewarded to players every day for their participation via PvP & PvE and other activities. $ATHER will be burned as required by in-game activities.
  • The amount of $ATHER a player can accrue over time daily is determined by a combination of the difficulties of the levels, character levels, temporary buffs, and land that the player currently possesses in-game.

Only 1 notable information which is their past token sales on the 7th and 9th of Sept 2021. On the 7th, private sale was implemented with 2000 slots whitelisted. On the 9th was public sale. However, investors can still purchase their NFTs on Opensea part from that 10000 characters collection.


Sept 2021

  • Sipher Inu 10,000 Playable Character
  • Launch of Sipherian Laboratory
  • Social & Marketing

Oct 2021

  • Sipher Neko – 10,000 Playable Character
  • Spaceship Loot
  • Introduction of Neko website and minting mechanisms.
  • Intro of Sipher Community Program
  • Behind scenes of game development
  • Upgrade of Sipherian lab

Nov – Dec 2021

  • World of Sipheria Comic Series
  • Introduction of the Sipher Community Program
  • Spaceship Loot

Jan – Mar 2022

  • Sipher Buru – 10,000 Playable Character
  • Upgrade of Sipherian Laboratory
  • World of Sipheria Comic Series
  • PvE Gameplay Playable Demo
  • Sipher Token Public Sale
  • Ather Token Public Sale & Emission

Apr – May 2022

  • Sipher Tori – 10,000 Playable Character
  • Upgrade of Sipherian Laboratory
  • Launch of Cloning Feature
  • Launch of Sipher Marketplace
  • PvP Gameplay Demo
  • Launch of Sipherian Adventure (MVP) PvE – A COOP Dungeon Gamemode

June – Sept 2022

  • World of Sipheria Comic Series
  • Launch of Ranked PvE Leaderboard
  • Launch of Crafting Feature
  • Launch of PvE Guild Wars
  • Launch of Sipherian Brawl (MVP) PvP – A Online Battle Arena Gamemode
  • Release information on Sipheria Land

Sept – Dec 2022

  • World of Sipheria Comic Series
  • Regular release of new in-game NFT Content
  • Launch of Sipher PvP Money Prize Tournaments
  • Launch of Ranked PvP Leaderboard
  • Launch of Sipher NFT Protocol
  • Launch of Sipheria Land

Jan 2023 and beyond

  • Regular release of new in-game NFT Content
  • Launch of Sipherian Worlds


image 26

In the world of Sipher, players will embark on the adventures to discover the mysteries. After exploring various stages of the game, players will have chance to enhance characters’ abilities. There are also PVP, PVE game modes which require different strategies to upgrade weapons, characters and spending resources wisely.

All the characters, items, weapons, resources are NFT assets which can be traded via marketplace. Other than that, there are also more than 200 skins. The game includes the system of dividing characters into 3 categories: Maximalist Templar, Centurion Scholar, Shade Brotherhood each has their own goals. The gameplay will have boss mode, expeditions, campaigns for players to explore and gain rewards.


10000 INUs characters will be sold on Sipher Laboratory with the price of 0.1 ETH. Also, other NFTs assets are traded on Open Sea. Among the 10000 INUs, origin and rare are the class along with weapons, costumes.


By owning INU, players will obviously gain access to the gameplay and marketplace trading. The cloning mechanism allows the original GENESIS NFT owner to become a Game CD-Key distributor, who is getting 95% of the revenue generated from new players wanting to join and play the game. This is displacing the traditional game distribution model where game developers take in all the revenue and profits.

Players can access to unique parts of spaceship and costumes following INU theme that indicates players who have GENESIS INU NFT (it’s like special skins, limited edition!). Special access to missions and campaigns for only this type of owners with more rewards.



These are the popular names working on the project.

Tin Nguyen: his own real estate business. Also holds the position of Co-founder of DreamPlex, ZoneStartups, EcoTruck, FreshHouse, Recruitery, Mercurial FInance and Cloud Energy. Tin Nguyen is one of the honorable names in the Forbes Vietnam U30 nomination.

Loi Luu: Currently working as CEO and Co-founder of Kyber Network. Therefore, he has considerable experience in the blockchain field and owns impressive portfolios at 1inch, Serum, Mercurial Finance, Krystal Wallet, and more.

Victor Tran: Co-founder and CTO of Kyber Network. With enthusiasm, burning love for games and blockchain, Victor Tran joined Sipher with the desire to promote Sipher to develop more and more based on his practical experience.


Thumbnail SIPHER 2

Just to name a few of some big investors: Arrington Capital, Hashed, Alameda Research and Konvoy Ventures. 

Also, other such as Defiance Capital, Signum Capital, Dragonfly Capital, CMT Digital, Bitkraft Ventures, Delphi Digital, Fenbushi Capital, Sfermion, Hyperchain, GBV, Kyber Network, Coin98 Ventures, YGG và Merit Circle,  Holly Liu (Kabam), Kun Gao (Crunchy Roll) and Alex Svanevik (

As one can see some familiar names like Alameda Research, Kyber Network, C98 Ventures,… who invest in potential big project have taken interests in this project. The details of the investment are unknown but there’s 1 big public news which is the closing of $6.8M seed round of SIPHER.

Led by Arrington Capital, Hashed, Konvoy Ventures, the seeding round was successful to increase the development of the World of Sipheria game and continue to build the tools needed to create compelling, fun and engaging gaming experiences based on blockchain technology.


Disclaimer: this is not a financial advice.

The game has chosen a very unique way to introduce itself to the market which is selling NFT characters and items first before releasing token and gameplay. So far, it has been quite successful partly because of the marketing efforts. Thousands follow on their social media for a few months since they made their debut, big names in the investors pay attention to their project, that’d make the sales of their NFT hot in the first few minutes.

Tin and his team have demonstrated huge potential to become the next major blockchain gaming studio. Not just only understand the crypto/blockchain ecosystem, but also have strong ability to implement great quality games, they have built something that fits with the market’s demand. They know the beauty of combining NFT and gaming and have plans to connect esports in their game eventually.

One could believe that the world of Sipheria will be one of the most exciting and adventurous experiences inside the Metaverse. Sipher builds on innovative P2E economics while leveraging both the spirit of crypto culture and mainstream gaming. The art blends a futuristic world of sci-fi and captivating animals, it is internet-native and inspiring, a game that everyone can fall in love with.

The next goal is to launch the playable MVP of the first gaming experience in the World of Sipheria. Imagine owing some of those 10000 NFT characters which are beautifully, meticulously and creative designed and actually have them in the upcoming gameplay in 2022 that would truly be the next level of gaming experience. Oh! And earning some coins along the way, can’t wait to see that happens.