What is Voyager (VGX)?

Voyager (VGX) is a utility token in the Voyager network. The coin is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and the ERC20 standard.

In fact, Voyager is a mobile application that allows traders to buy, sell, swap, and invest in cryptocurrencies. The app connects users to various crypto markets and exchanges. Users who are provided with stable assets by Voyager are allowed to deposit minimum monthly balances without locking their funds. Voyager opens up the opportunity to earn compound interest for users with more than 30 cryptocurrencies available, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Dash, etc.

Essentially, Voyager is viewed as a publicly-traded crypto-asset broker and is licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA). For security and regulatory reasons, Voyager is also publicly audited to make sure any trading assets are legit.

How does it work?


Voyager connects users with some of the top crypto exchanges. The app acts as a sub-chain, connecting the app to the supported exchanges, so users can find the best rates across multiple exchange platforms, all in one app.

The Voyager app is available on mobile devices with both Android and iOS operating systems. The minimum deposit on the broker app is 10 USD. Meanwhile, the instant transaction limit of undeleted funds on the app is $5,000. This has created an opportunity for investors to get rich and attract the community to participate in the platform.

To make cryptocurrency trading simpler, easier to understand, cost-effective and popular, Voyager used Voyager Smart Order Routing. Whenever a trader creates an order to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, Voyager Smart Order Routing can also connect users with exchanges.

The system searches for the best rate for every trade before a buy or sells order is executed to ensure users get the most out of their trading sessions. The special feature of Voyager’s idea is to pay the list price after the transaction is made, while trading in the normal environment has no commission.

Outstanding Features


Instant transactions, cost savings

The Voyager token holders receive a lot of value and substantial profits. VGX coin will automatically trigger instant Blockchain transactions as part of the direct transactions, self-deposited Vault feature. As a result, users can make transactions in seconds directly from the registered storage wallet.

For direct trading, VGX holders can use this coin to pay fees and get a fee discount.

The cashback rewards Program

In addition to the discounts, clients receive from withdrawal fees and direct trading fees, clients are also given access to a reward system based on VGX holdings. Users can not only trade for free but also earn a profit on each trade.

Attractive profit

Voyager is one of the only brokers to offer unlocked, interest-paying accounts with competitive trading offers. This has provided users with prime interest with options contracts, enhancing their interest experience through coin functionality.

Additional bonus

Besides the fixed rewards, VGX coin holders also receive additional benefits. As Voyager adds products such as debit, margin, lending, and multi-screw integration into the platform’s application, VHX holders will receive additional profits.

How does Voyager secure the network?


The VGX coin is issued as an ERC20, running on Ethereum. This is a token that is not mined like regular PoW crypto assets. The Voyager network leverages well-tested security standards and methods on Ethereum to ensure a high level of security. Additionally, Voyager combines public-key cryptography with elliptic key cryptography for enhanced security.

What is a VGX coin?


A VGX coin is a utility token on the Voyager app. The coin is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and the ERC20 standard to enhance security. The VGX coin plays an important role in the Voyager ecosystem.

Because this token can be used as a payment cost or transaction reward. Meanwhile, users can also generate interest based on the balance of VGX present in their Voyager app account. At the same time, VGX also offers cashback rewards and unlocks a variety of services on the app.

Basic information about the VGX coin

Token Name: Voyager Token

Ticker: VGX.

Blockchain: Ethereum

Token Type: Utility Token

Token Standard: ERC20.

Supply total: 286,768,119

$8,953,388 in 24 hour trading volume (April 14, 2022).

Contract: 0x3c4b6e6e1ea3d4863700d7f76b36b7f3d3f13e3d

Where can VGX coins be bought, sold, and stored?

VGX coin is currently listed and supported for trading on a number of exchanges, including Binance, HitBTC, Gate, Bitrue, and others.

The most traded coin on Gate.io is VGX, which accounts for 38.37% of total trading volume.You can refer to and choose one of the above exchanges to buy and sell VGX coins.

VGX is an ERC20 token. Therefore, you can safely store it on supported e-wallets such as: MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Trezor, TrustWallet, Coin98,…

Project team, investors, and partners


Project team

The company Crypto Trading Technologies owns the Voyager Token. app was founded by a group of experts with experience in online brokerage services. In particular, Voyager was founded by four outstanding figures, namely Stephen Ehrlich, Philip Eytan, Gaspard de Dreuzy, and Oscar Salazar.

Investors and partners

Currently, Voyager is supported by investment funds such as Ledger, BitGo, Coinbase, Socure, Google, Fireblocks, BMO, Plaid, Circle, AWS, etc.

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