What is Aurigami?

Aurigami is a decentralized liquidity protocol that allows users to lend, borrow, and earn interest on their crypto assets.

Essentially, the lender will provide liquidity to the protocol to earn a passive income on the borrowing needs of the market while the borrower can borrow in the form of an over-collateralized.

In addition, collateral can be used as collateral for other assets. The profit earned on margin will help offset the interest accrued on borrowing.

Highlights of Arigami

  • It is easy to reach and attract users because of an easy-to-use interface.
  • Users easily connect with Aurigami through depositing their assets into the protocol so that they can earn passive interest according to the market’s borrowing needs.
  • Users can use deposited assets as collateral to borrow other assets.
  • The launch of Aurigami will maximize the potential of Aurora, thereby developing the NEAR Protocol ecosystem in general.

Main features of Arigami

Deposits and withdrawals


Users can deposit unlimited funds into the protocol. User withdrawals will be available when the user’s funds are not used as collateral for property loans or cause loan liquidation.

Depositors in the protocol will receive a constant income (interest) based on the deposit amount. AuToken represents the balance of the user’s assets in the protocol. AuToken will be minted based on the underlying assets deposited into the protocol.

Borrowing and paying off debt


To borrow property, users will have to deposit the property as collateral. By default, margin assets will be activated as collateral for borrowing. The maximum loan amount of the user depends on the amount of collateral the user deposits into the protocol. The repayment will be displayed in the user’s own account.

Risks in Aurigami


In Defi, there are always potential risks. Risks related to protocols include the risk of Smart Contact and liquidation risks. Aurigami minimizes risk by auditing Smart Contracts and keeping the protocol publicly open with open source.

  • Smart Contract Risk: Aurigami will interact with some smart contracts. These may be risks related to security errors or security holes in smart contracts, leading to the loss of a user’s property.
  • The loads are sent or borrowed on the protocol that can be transferred to the value of the system risk of the background or the price fluctuations of the market, which includes the devaluation of some assets. permanent This leads to liquidation or closing the position of the user.
  • Aurigami has experienced 3 audits of smart contracts and is still continuing in the audit process. However, Audit will not completely eliminate all the risks in Smart Contracts, so users should still manage capital when participating in the platform.

What is a PLY token?


PLY tokens are used for the same purposes as tokens of other lending protocols, such as governance, transaction fees, staking rewards, etc.

What is the PLY token used for?

Staking: Users can stake tokens to receive rewards from the network.

Pay transaction fees: Users will have to pay transaction fees in PLY tokens. Profits from transaction fee collection will be partially re-shared with the holders.

Holders of PLY can participate in pre-voting project development proposals such as voting on transaction fees, token burn, project development costs, etc.

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