What Is Dela Defi?

Dela is an on-chain marketplace where goods and services are sold via a double-layered escrow mechanism. This is a Defi (decentralized finance) built on Avalanche Network, one of the fastest blockchain networks up-to-date


Dela is the first project to announce UST will be the native gas token of the platform/subnet. UST will be the native stable token for the Avalanche ecosystem as part of the partnership.

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What Is Dela Defi Token?

Dela token is the native token of the platform which will enable cheaper transactions and revenue sharing.


Dela Token’s Utilities:

– Governance

– Payment option

– Staking

– Revenue Sharing

What Are Dela’s Features?

Dela Defi Dapps will have these features:

1. Subnet for stable network and fixed gas:

Gas prices are fixed. The first come first serve transaction model is adopted.
The gas token is a stable token for predictable cost calculation.

2. Double-layered escrow mechanism:

Buying and selling on Dela happen with double confirmation of the parties.
The first confirmation is that cryptocurrency and the goods or services symbolized by NFT are deposited at the escrow address.
The second confirmation is that cryptocurrency and the goods or services symbolized by NFT are transferred to the other party’s wallet.

3. Dispute Resolution:

Disputes are handled by a Dao, not by a person. All disputes should be examined transparently with an appeal right to decision delivered, and the solution relies on the fundamentals of modern civil law.

4. Goods and services on the chain:

Using NFTs to symbolize goods and services will bring transparency and trust to sellers. In this way, buyers will observe how many sales were made by the seller and how the percentage of them were successful.

5. Mint Free:

To motivate sellers to migrate, minting and listing will be free. It will increase the selection and options for buyers.

6. Legal Support:

Legal aid will be given to buyers and sellers for critical regulatory issues. They will be able to direct their invoices to their company.

How To Get Dela Token?

Currently, Dela token has not been listed on any exchange yet. We will update soon


Price Chart


Key Metrics

Token Name: Dela Token
Ticker: DELA
Blockchain: Avalanche
Token Standard: ARC-20
Contract: TBA…
Token Type: Utility, Governance
Circulate Supply: TBA…
Total Supply: TBA…




There are currently two scenarios on the table for Dela’s future.

  • Scenario 1-Dela’s Subnet
  • Scenario 2-Terra Subnet for Gamefi

Team and Partners





Should You Invest In Dela?

The basic approach to the execution of e-commerce on the blockchain is based on traditional commerce, which still has the involvement of financial institutions in the trade as a third party. This makes the developed escrow system could not progress from being a system that is centralized and conducted through individuals and is far from transparency.

Dela promises that it will help users fulfill location-based regulation-based obligations. If necessary, support will be provided to the user as an intermediary institution, especially in tax payments and making important notifications.

Other than that, to secure safety for users, Dela also deploy escrow mechanism in the blockchain as below:


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