What is the Gnosis Protocol?

Gnosis is creating new market mechanisms for use in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. With Gnosis, users can trade, hold, and mint digital assets on Ethereum.

Customer-oriented Gnosis provides the infrastructure and tools to create prediction market applications. In Gnosis, users have to pay fees to win shares from the market prediction results. The platform uses a peer-to-peer pricing mechanism to represent the probability of an event occurring.

Benefits of using Gnosis

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The protocol brings various benefits to users. It includes:

  • There are no gas charges: Gnosis incorporates fees payable in every limit order. With fees payable in the network’s native token, there are no gas fees when interacting with the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Ethical order processing: Order execution and settlement is a decentralized and trader-competitive process. Therefore, the settlement solutions provided must take the trader’s welfare into consideration.
  • Perform round transactions: This ensures that users can trade any coin on the platform without worrying about whether the token has enough liquidity.
  • Using batch auctions: Every order in the lot is cleared at the same price. Therefore, there is a uniform and fair payment of orders. A batch goes through three stages: collecting the purchase order, accepting the solution from the settler, and final settlement.
  • Totally decentralized: Gnosis is a completely decentralized platform. It is open to all to use. In addition to transaction distribution and access, the protocol also decentralizes the token list. Its users have the right to list tokens if what they want to trade is not on the list of supported tokens.

Gnosis Token


The Gnosis token is an ERC-20 token responsible for facilitating the “providing and receiving of prediction market services”.

These applications use tokens (WIZ) for transaction fees. The GNO token is a prerequisite for the creation of a WIZ token. The number of WIZ tokens used as fees and the total number that existed during the previous lockout determines the number of WIZ tokens a user can generate.

Conditional Tokens


The conditional token is an “event-based digital asset.” The value of conditional tokens is directly correlated with the outcome of an event. The framework used to generate conditional tokens can cater to a number of use cases, including prediction markets and conditional bonus payments.

Furthermore, the conditional tokenization framework uses conditional logic to generate tokens whose value “depends on arbitrarily complex logic.” This means that users can mint tokens in a variety of ways, with the token’s value coming as a result of real-world or on-chain events. Also, the framework for conditional tokens is magic-agnostic. Thus, users can choose their preferred information sources for reporting event outcomes. Furthermore, users can mint and redeem conditional tokens directly without intermediaries thanks to the conditional token explorer (CTE).

Gnosis Safe


Gnosis Safe is a customizable multi-signature wallet for teams and individuals that work with smart contracts.

In it, groups and individuals may require some specific address or device to confirm each transaction before executing it. This is aimed at reducing unauthorized transactions. Instead of using an externally owned account (EOA) model, Gnosis Safe eliminates any single point of failure that could affect funds when using the multi-signature method.

Gnosis Safe supports ETH, ERC-20 tokens, and ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFT). In addition, it can interact with different decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, and users have complete control over their assets.



GnosisDAO is a collection of Gnosis users with the common goal of “directing transparent decisions” about the development, support, and governance of the Gnosis ecosystem.

With “effective control” of over 150,000 ETH and eight million GNO tokens, GnosisDAO is responsible for overseeing the allocation of community funds to expand the ecosystem through updated proposals. Furthermore, GnosisDAO holds polls to determine the outcome of each governance proposition. In addition, users must have a minimum of one GNO token to participate.

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