Overview of HydraDx

What is HydraDX (HDX) ?

HydraDX is a cross-chain liquidity protocol managing all assets in one shared liquidity pool. It is powered by Substrate and designed to be interoperable with other networks, including Ethereum-based assets.

HydraDX is built as a parachain – the specialized blockchain within the Polkadot network, benefiting from the shared security, speed, and flexibility of the Substrate framework while being optimized for a single purpose: enabling fluid programmable value exchange.

HydraDX Mission

  • Enable frictionless liquidity for all crypto assets
  • Build open, neutral & autonomous protocol for liquidity
  • Become the solution that enables global finance 

What problems does HydraDx solve?

One of the first uses of HydraDX (HDX) was a DEX product.

However, currently the liquidity pools of current AMMs are divided into too many different pools, assets can jump from one to the other depending on market conditions but in general it is not efficient and too rigid.

HydraDx has solved the above problems by using a different AMM mechanism than other conventional models. HydraDx creates a single liquidity pool for all assets called Omnipool.

Liquidity in Omnipool will become extremely abundant and always available to make liquidity easier.

*Omnipool works using an underlying asset (HDX) minted and held by the protocol, different asset classes priced based on the underlying HDX asset. This asset will represent 50% of the initial value of the liquidity pool, the remaining 50% of the initial value provided by liquidity providers in different asset classes. The 1:1 ratio is kept algorithmically, when assets are added or withdrawn, HDX native tokens are minted or burned respectively.

Highlights of HydraDX (HDX)

  • Multi-Asset Liquidity Pool

Our unique solution enables putting all assets into one shared liquidity pool – unlocking unparalleled efficiency.

  • Powered by HDX

Native reserve token improving security and aligning incentives of key network participants. The total supply of HDX is a function of liquidity provisioned.

  • Interoperability

HydraDX is designed to communicate with other networks. Ethereum based assets will be ultimately liquid on HydraDX.

  • Community Driven

HydraDX is an open and permissionless protocol governed by its community of users, liquidity providers and validators.

  • Native Liquidity For Polkadot Ecosystem

HydraDX is a natural swap solution for all assets built on Substrate and in the fast-growing Polkadot ecosystem – a place to bootstrap liquidity.

What is HDX Token?

*Token Use Case

HDX is a native token of HydraDX.HDX is used to:

  • Governance: Governance: join the voting board, decide on future development.
  • Transaction Fee: Pay fees in exchange asset payments.
  • Staking Reward: User participates in Staking to receive Reward is HDX Tok

* Key Metrics HDX

  • Token Name: HDX Token
  • Ticker: HDX
  • Blockchain: HydraDX
  • Token type: Governance.
  • Total Supply: 10 000 000 000 HDX
  • Circulating Supply: Update…

*Token allocation

  • 15% Founders, Investors & Advisors
  • 5% LBP (proceeds will be used as a bootstrap for native liquidity on HydraDX Omnipool)
  • 5% Incentivized Stakenet (bounties, staking rewards, etc. during Stakenet)
  • 75% liquidity provision and staking rewards

How can earn HDX?

  • Provide liquidity and be rewarded by earning HDX.
  • Buy on HydraDX mainnet.
  • Stake HDX and earn even more HDX
  • Support ecosystem by taking part in bounties and getting paid from treasury




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