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What is Cryptocurrency Insurance?

Cryptocurrency insurance is an insurance policy designed to protect cryptocurrency owners and crypto investors from related losses. It takes the necessary precautions to ensure you do not lose your cryptocurrency and other digital assets.

Some crypto exchanges offer some form of crypto insurance for cryptocurrencies within their custody. However, the coverage offered by these crypto exchanges is limited. Cryptocurrency exchange insurance also does not cover personal losses such as loss of personal information or attacks on your personal crypto wallet.

What is InsurAce (INSUR)?

INSUR is a decentralized insurance protocol that aims to provide reliable, flexible, and robust DeFi insurance services.

INSUR’s mission is to redefine DeFi insurance and protect users from security risks with user-friendly product accessibility and capital efficiency.

What problem does InsurAce solve?


It is a community-driven DeFi insurance protocol that offers free premiums and sustainable returns to every user. INSUR sees the challenges and limitations of current Defi insurance, including:

  • Product accessibility: There are a number of product accessibility restrictions for existing insurers. such as high premiums, KYC as a member, limited insurance capacity, lack of protection diversity, etc.
  • Lack of baseline risk management: Existing DeFi insurance products still have a lot of room for improvement in terms of risk control. As for the network security risk of the insurance protocol itself, concentration risk, claims assessment, operations, credit and market risk.
  • Capital: Capital inefficiencies manifest in low reserve utilization and an unsustainable return on investment. INSUR stands for a necessary complement to the vast and vast world of DeFi.

How to Solve the Problem of InsurAce

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INSUR is considered as a unique content creation project. With the following features:

  • Ultra-low, almost zero premium: Portfolio-based product design and unique pricing model to optimize cover costs. Along with a sustainable return on investment, achieve extremely low premiums.
  • Rich products: Wallet-based accessibility (non-KYC), cross-chain protocol coverage, flexible coverage and easy access to end-users.
  • SCR Mining: Insured, insurers and investors can participate in “SCR – Solvency Capital Requirement” (insert risk assessment into minimum capital requirement) to earn INSUR by participating in insurance and investment capital. It will significantly increase capital, affordability, investable capital and further reduce premiums.
  • Sustainable Income: In addition to the SCR mining rewards, investors will be able to obtain sustainable returns from the investment products offered by INSUR.



Ticker: INSUR

Blockchain: Ethereum

Contract: 0x544c42fbb96b39b21df61cf322b5edc285ee7429

Token Standard: Governance, Unity

Token type: ERC-20

100,000,000 total supply

10,000,000 circulation supply

Token Sale

1,000,000 $ was raised as a seed.

The seed token is for sale at a price of 10,750,000 INSUR.

3,000,000 $ in private funds raised

Private token available for purchase: 9,250,000 INSU

Token Use Case

Governance: Give voting rights to INSUR holders. They can propose changes, vote on issues and recommendations, and participate in request reviews on the protocol. When actively participating in the administration, they will be entitled to a portion of the fees generated by INSUR.

Mining rewards are provided by providing capital, liquidity support, and staking into investment groups and products.

How to earn INSUR tokens

Earn INSUR Tokens by participating in insurance, investment capital, liquidity support, and staking.

Participate in product testing to receive an Airdrop.

Buy on a listed exchange.

INSUR token storage wallet

Because it is an ERC-20 token, it is quite easy to find a suitable wallet such as: Trust Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Coin98 Wallet, MetaMask,… Or users can store it directly on the exchange, where users buy that token. Note that full security is required to avoid unnecessary risks.

Should you trust INSUR or not?

Project Team

Renowned team from insurance, blockchain, financial, and corporate security institutions.

INSUR was created by Oliver Xie, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and computer programmer. Former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Asia Pacific Exchange (APEX),…They currently run a team with several professionals, most of them based in Singapore.

Investors and Partners


Shortly after its launch, the protocol received over $1 million in funding from well-known institutions such as DeFiance Capital, Signum Capital, and Parafi Capital.Not long after that, it raised another $3 million.

A Market opportunity

INSUR opportunities and highlights include:

Their ability to cover their assets by designing products based on their portfolio to optimize cover costs. rich product line, capable of covering a large number of DeFi protocols.

Insurers will gain access to a wide variety of assets in addition to significantly reducing insurance costs and paying zero premiums.

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