What is Moonwell?

Moonwell is an open lending & borrowing DeFi protocol built on Moonbeam and Moonriver 

Moonwell Apollo, Moonwell’s first deployment, will be on Kusama’s Moonriver network, the sister network of Polkadot’s Moonbeam. Moonriver is where new products are expected to be incubated and developed prior to being deployed on Moonbeam.

Moonwell has 2 different versions:

  • Apollo on Moonriver with MFAM as native token
  • Artemis on Moonbeam with WELL as native token

Apollo Moonwell will be finalizing fixes based on user feedback on Moonriver, then will launch Moonwell Artemis version on Moonbeam

Outstanding features on Moonwell:

With the goal of targeting users with the best DeFi platform with the following improvements:

  • Security & Trust:

Moonwell has partnered with several top security firms to audit and provide ongoing smart contract support to ensure the best security practices are followed. 

  • User Experience

Even first-time DeFi users will be able to use Moonwell.

  • Education & Information

Moonwell will be the well of knowledge for all things DeFi.

Anyone in crypto will be able to easily follow and use the Moonwell protocol. The community is encouraged to add videos, tutorials, user guides, and announcements to the Moonwell website.

  • Community Engagement

The Moonwell community is where people can share their interests, passions, and ideas with each other. 

  • Charity

The Moonwell community will propose and vote for charities to support. 

Moonwell Apollo (MFAM) Token

MFAM is the native governance token of the Moonwell Apollo protocol. MFAM can be staked in the Moonwell Safety Module, which backstops the Moonwell Apollo protocol in the event of a shortfall event.

*Key Metrics:

● Token Name: Moonwell Apollo

● Ticker: MFAM

● Blockchain: Moonriver

● Token Standard: Updating…

● Contract: 0xbb8d88bcd9749636bc4d2be22aac4bb3b01a58f1

● Token Type: Utility, Governance.

● Total Supply: MFAM

● Circulating Supply: Updating

Moonwell  Artemis (WELL) Token

WELL là mã thông báo gốc của Moonwell Artemis trên Moonbeam

*Key Metrics

● Token Name: Moonwell Artemis

● Ticker: Well

● Blockchain: Moonbeam

● Token Standard: Updating…

● Contract: Updating…

● Token Type: Utility, Governance.

● Total Supply: Updating…

● Circulating Supply: Updating


Moonwell’s core team also includes several former Coinbase and Google blockchain engineers specialized in DeFi and security

Moonwell is also partnered with Rome Blockchain Labs (RBL), the same team that built Benqi, the lending & borrowing protocol on Avalanche. RBL provides some of the most experienced developers and designers in the crypto space

  • Luke Youngblood – Engineering

Former Coinbase Sr. Staff Engineer & AWS Principal Engineer

Built the Coinbase staking rewards infrastructure

Built the Tezos validator node infrastructure & launched the Tezos network

Built the Coinbase price oracle, providing Compound protocol with secure price feeds

  • Lucas Kozinski – Operations & Finance

Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Tokensoft Inc

Program Lead for the Tezos Betanet Launch

Former Management Consultant with Point B

  • David Deborin – Marketing & Community

Blockchain educator, lecturer, & software engineer

Advises numerous NFT and crypto startups

  • Suzu – Chief Degen Officer 

Marketing and communications specialist

Formerly Operations and Community at Solarbeam


With the participation of many big name investors as below:

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Moonwell is aiming for the best user experience on the lending & borrowing platform. Hope this is a potential project in the future.

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