What is Ondo Finance (ONDO)?

Ondo Finance is a protocol DeFi based Ethereum that allows users to generate crypto-backed loans for profit.

Ondo’s core business is to serve and connect the various stakeholders in the emerging DeFi ecosystem – including DAO and a growing number of mainstream and institutional retail investors – through fully on-chain services.

Ondo Finance brings together financial products from many protocols (and coming soon from many blockchain). Then repackage and separate these groups into exposures tailored to what different investor segments are looking for. In doing so, Ondo increases the amount and variety of capital supply that DeFi can absorb.

Ondo’s smart contract has been extensively tested by the team and successfully passed audits from multiple independent parties including industry leading providers such as Quantstamp, Peckshield and Certik.

What is special about Ondo Finance?

Ondo’s business model is mediation and a combination of supply and demand for capital, just like a traditional investment bank. However, Ondo differs from traditional investment banking in several key ways:

  • Ondo creates financial products from DeFi building blocks, meaning that they execute under open source code, not obscure prose legal agreements. This avoids the need for back-office staff and countless middlemen and makes it possible for Ondo to offer its services at a near-zero marginal cost, making it easy for small investors to access them.
  • Ondo products are compatible with and often stand on top of existing DeFi products, enabling value transfer.
  • Ondo will be managed as a DAO and owned by a distributed group of participants, including many of its users. As a DAO, Ondo will have an incentive system to allow anyone to create a product or service or add value to the Ondo ecosystem and be rewarded for it. However, the DAO will still manage the products to protect users.
  • Ondo has no minimum investment. Retail can access the same products and services as organizations.

ONDO Tokenomics

Currently there is not much information about ONDO Tokenomics,…

Key Metrics

  • Ticker: ONDO.
  • Blockchain: Ethereum.
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token Standard: ERC-20.
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance.
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…
  • Total Supply: Updating…

Token Allocation

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Token Release Schedule

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Token Use Case

Formally, the Ondo DAO will control the parameters behind the Ondo Protocol smart contracts. ONDO token holders will manage the DAO and have the ability to change a range of its parameters by voting by acting as administrators for functions.

Token Sale

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On which exchange is ONDO traded?

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Roadmaps & Updates


Project team, investors & partners

Project team

The project CEO is Mr. Nathan Allman.



Ondo Finance raised $4 million in a seed round. Pantera Capital led the round, with Genesis, Digital Currency Group, CMS Holdings and others also participating.

Angel investors like Stani Kulechov (Founder Aave), Richard Ma (Founder Quantstamp) and Christy Choi (former chief investment officer at Binance) also supported the round.



  • Reflexer: Rai-as-a-Service (RaaS) is an offer from Reflexer and Ondo to help token-issuing projects increase the liquidity of their native tokens on DEXs by providing liquidity themselves. .
  • Frax: Frax-as-a-Service (FaaS) is an offer from Frax and Ondo.

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