What is RAMP DeFi?

RAMP DeFi (RAMP) is a protocol built on Ethereum that allows the issuance of stablecoins backed by crypto assets. Crypto assets can be non-ERC20 or ERC20 stablecoins. Users can exchange stablecoins with each other through Smart Contracts without having to go through any other third party (Permissionless, Trustless, Transparency). At the same time, users can deposit their ERC20s into RAMP’s liquidity pool to mint eUSD.

RAMP DeFi allows stakes on non-ERC20 stake blockchains to be collateralized into a stable cryptocurrency, called rUSD. This coin is issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The main result of this is maximizing capital efficiency across stacked crypto assets. This is where users earn staking rewards, unlock liquidity from staking assets, and stack multiple profit streams at once.

What problems does RAMP DeFi solve?


RAMP DeFi helps to solve outstanding problems in the DeFi sector. Thanks to that, the project helped optimize profits for traders.

2020 has seen the tremendous growth of the DeFi ecosystem. However, DeFi development mainly takes place within the Ethereum network, making it impossible for a large group that has invested capital in crypto assets outside of Ethereum to participate effectively.

Users who want to participate in Ethereum-based DeFi have two options:

  • First: add new capital flow.
  • Second: Exit capital from current positions to participate in Ethereum-based DeFi. However, this solution is not optimal.

So how can they directly participate in Ethereum-based DeFi without leaving the current position? That was the birth of the RAMP DeFi project.

RAMP DeFi Solution


The RAMP DeFi project both exports some of the stakes on the collateralized non-ERC20 blockchains into a stablecoin called rUSD. This coin is issued on the Ethereum Blockchain through a bridge.

With Lending & Borrowing or a stablecoin liquidity launch, holders can use rUSD to generate profits. At the same time, they can swap USDT/USDC freely, creating a seamless “ON Ramp or OFF Ramp” fund.

RAMP DeFi’s Ecosystem

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rMint and rStake

These RAMP DeFi products come together to create representations of stablecoins that are not based on Ethereum. rMint uses non-ERC20 collateral currencies to generate rUSD. At the same time, rStake is a collection of staked nodes that hold collateral.

eFarm and eMind

eMint allows users to deposit ERC20 stablecoins to generate eUSD. This is a token that represents the value of the amount deposited by the user. This deposit is transferred to eFarm to create a yield farming opportunity for users.


The RAMP DeFi Lending & Borrowing service is provided by rFinance. The holders of rUSD and eUSD are free to borrow and lend to each other. At the same time, Oracle also helps to maintain the interest rate setting at a fair level through the formulas for the supply-demand index and market relativity.


RAMP DeFi has its own liquidity pool, allowing users to build value for their assets, perform collateral insurance, liquidation, and crosschain swaps. rPool typically derives value from staking rewards, farming rewards, and fee revenue. They will then be distributed to RAMP token holders.

In the event that rUSD crashes, rPool will be used to back up the value of rUSD. If the value of a user’s collateralized position falls below the allowed collateral rate set within specific parameters, their position will be liquidated to rPool.


Investors can swap ERC20 stablecoins with any token, except ERC20. This is done by facilitating the exchange of ERC20 stablecoins with cryptocurrencies stored in rPool. The conversion rate is set by the price.

What is a RAMP coin?

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RAMP is a utility token in the RAMP DeFi ecosystem. This coin plays an important role, helping to power the entire value of the RAMP DeFi platform. At the same time, RAMP coin is also powered by an ecosystem of different DeFi projects, allowing for the accumulation of cross-chain value of this coin.

What is the RAMP coin used for?

  • A percentage of value accumulated in rPool will be distributed to REMP coin holders.
  • RAMP coin holders will be the decision makers for the RAMP DeFi ecosystem. At the same time, RAMP holders holding 1% of RAMP’s total supply will be eligible for a Change Proposal. They can also participate in voting by staking their RAMP.
  • Stake to Increase Farming Efficiency: Stake RAMP coin helps increase farm performance.
  • RAMP Coin is used as a reward for farmers in the RAMP DeFi ecosystem.
  • Referral and Development Programs: Users receive RAMP coins as referral rewards for bringing others to join RAMP DeFi.
  • Incentive: RAMP coins are also used as a reward to encourage the community to build the RAMP DeFi ecosystem.
  • Burn coin: The proceeds in rPool can be partly used to buy back RAMP coins on the market for Burn.
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Information about the RAMP coin

  • Token Name: Chainlink.
  • Ticker: RAMP.
  • Blockchain: Ethereum.
  • Token Type: Utility Token.
  • Token Standard: ERC20.
  • Circulating Supply: 410,531,747 .
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000.
  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • 24 hour Trading Vol (March 16, 2022): $11,131,671.
  • Market Cap: $28,703,893
  • Contract: 0x33d0568941c0c64ff7e0fb4fba0b11bd37deed9f

Allocation RAMP coin

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  • Farming reserves: account for 50%.
  • Token Sale: accounting for 19%.
  • Team & Advisors: 16%.
  • Protocol Reserves & partnerships: 15%.

Where can RAMP coins be bought, sold, and stored?

RAMP coin is currently listed and supported for trading on a number of exchanges, including Binance, MEXC, Pancake Swap, UniSwap, Coinex, and others.

Of which, RAMP coin is the most traded on Binance, accounting for 62.24% of the total trading volume. You can refer to and choose one of the exchanges above to buy and sell RAMP coin.

RAMP is an ERC20 token. Therefore, you can safely store it on supported e-wallets such as: MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Trezor, TrustWallet, Coin98,…

Developers, investors, and partners

Development team


The RAMP DeFi development team are experts with many years of experience in crypto finance as well as blockchain. They possess a wealth of expertise in areas such as investment banking, technology, crypto-assets trading, and asset management.

Investors and partners

The birth of RAMP DeFi has brought many positive changes to the DeFi array in particular and the crypto market in general. Therefore, the project quickly attracted the attention of leading investors in the industry, such as: Binance, Bibox, Deloitte, Microsoft, IOST, BlackRock,…

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