What is Saros Finance?

Saros Finance is a development project on the Solana ecosystem, including a set of DeFi products with the following features: SarosSwap (AMM), SarosFarm (Pool), SarosStake (Staking), and SarosPad (Launchpad). Saros is oriented to become a complete decentralized ecosystem, serving the usage and development needs of the project team and users. Saros is a product developed with a focus on the Solana ecosystem.

Highlights of Saros Finance


Saros is a DeFi hub that provides a comprehensive range of services to its users, including:

  • SarosSwap: Use the same x*y=k function as other prominent AMMs like Uniswap and PancakeSwap. However, the project focuses on developing more on UX/UI and Gamification, bringing a lot of convenience to users, and is a highlight of SarosSwap.
  • SarosSwap: Maximizes price capture for users.
  • SarosFarm: One problem that most project teams face is asset liquidity after the project launches. Usually, projects on Solana will have incentives for participating in liquidity mining, a temporary solution. SarosFarm provides an aggregator platform, allowing users to farm and receive incentives from various liquidity pools to maximize profits and maximize efficiency.
  • SarosFarm: Attracting large cash flow from the market and encouraging projects to actively build on Solana.
  • SarosPad: After 3 hackathons, there have been more than 300 projects approaching the ecosystem, but only 1-to 2 projects are launched every month. This hinders the speed of development and narrows the choices of investors. SarosPad is a solution to help projects raise capital and launch support through Strong Commitment Offering (SCO). The form is as follows, you need to commit SAROS LP token pairs to be able to buy project tokens.
  • SarosPad: Attracting investors, increasing the ability to develop and launch many new projects, to meet user needs.

Outstanding advantages of Saros Finance

Saros has 5 outstanding advantages:

  1. Simple, intuitive user interface, so it’s easy for newbies to reach
  2. SarosSwap has an extremely fast processing speed with very low latency even when processing many large transactions
  3. Low transaction execution fee
  4. Saros Finance products are highly secure
  5. Scalability and tight integration of products

When was the project established?

The project was established in September 2020
The project’s Twitter was established in September 2020 and currently has 17.7K Followers.


Team – Project team
Saros Finance is a product of the Coin98 Labs team
Roadmap – Project Roadmap
Investors & Partnerships
Saros receives investment from the following funds: Solana, Alameda Research, #Hashed, Spartan, GBV, Impossible Finance, Asymm Ventures, Genblock capital, K300 Ventures, Cryptomind.


Token Information Saros Finance (SAROS)

Token Name: Saros Finance
Ticker: SAROS
Blockchain: Solana
Token Standard: SPL
Token Type: Utility, Governance
Total Supply:
Circulating Supply:
Token Allocation
Token Release Schedule

Token Use Case
SAROS is a token used to:

  • Used to administer the Saros ecosystem.
  • Enjoy transaction fees from SarosSwap.
  • Used to encourage a set of users to join the Saros ecosystem (SarosFarm).
  • Join Saros’ Launchpad.
  • Stake SAROS to get free tokens (future).

Where to buy and sell Saros Finance tokens?


With the above products and specifications, I believe Saros Finance will be a formidable DeFi project on the Solana ecosystem shortly.

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