GameFi.org partnered with Avocado DAO to strengthen guild connections and perfect the ecosystem. Through this partnership, both two projects will bring exceptional gaming experiences to their communities.

GameFi.org is a launchpad platform and hub for blockchain gaming built on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The platform aims to be a comprehensive game finance hub, serving game studios, players, traders, and investors in one place. Its ecosystem includes Yield Guilds, Launchpad, Aggregator, Marketplace, and Accelerator.

Avocado DAO is one of the leading organizations in the industry. They work systematically and passionately to empower and improve the lives of their communities.

Established at the end of 2021, up to now, Avocado DAO has attracted more than 10,000 scholars across 6 game partners and invested in 45 GameFi projects. They own the Discord community with 69,000 members. Moreover, Avocado DAO is supported by some big names in the industry such as Animoca Brand, #Hashed, and MEXC Global…

In response to the growing demand for information access in-game guilds and to attract more players to the Metaverse economy, GameFi.org and the Avocado DAO will be carrying out a series of collaborative activities in the near future works:

Unlocking the potential of the GameFi industry

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The two projects will collaborate on research and exchange information to improve user experience. The project team focuses on building a healthy and sustainable playground for players and game developers.

Enhancing Avocado DAO’s brand through Guild Hub

GameFi.org will launch the Avocado DAO on the Guild Hub, where users can easily explore a guild’s information. Guild Hub will supply and demand Avocado DAO’s social pages for users to easily track the roadmap, portfolio as well as the latest updates on the project.

Enhance connectivity by maximum support for projects

The two projects will jointly tighten the connection between community members. Specifically, Avocado DAO scholars will be facilitated with easy access to potential games and metaverse on the GameFi.org ecosystem. On the other hand, GameFi.org users will also receive regular updates about the Avocado DAO.

Through this partnership, both aim to enhance more opportunities and services for the community. In the long run, this partnership will contribute more potential game projects and metaverse to the entire blockchain industry.

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