What is LNR (Lunar)?

The Lunar ecosystem consists of three main pillars that play a fundamental role in the continuous expansion of the whole project: Lunar, Lunar token (LNR), and Lunar Crystal. In there:

  • Lunar aims to systematize the entire crypto-currency and NFT transaction processes into a single, linked transaction to create a seamless user experience. Simply put, Lunar wishes to be able to create an all-in dApp.
  • Lunar token (LNR): the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token that enables transactions to be performed seamlessly throughout the Lunar ecosystem and serves as a bridge connecting the entire system.
  • Lunar Crystal: a collection of 3D animated NFTs that can be used to activate special powers for the owner when used in the Lunar ecosystem.

Lunar’s purpose


The deep problem, and at the same time, the core problem for the Lunar project, comes from the bad user experience with cryptocurrencies. The user has to organize and access a series of individual applications of a transaction and then study those transactions.

Not only that, it is the lack of linkage between applications that makes the user experience more fragmented, complex, and more difficult to activate, as well as a lack of reliability between dApps. Those are also just barriers on the same platform. As for cross-chain transactions, a blockchain requires a different set of tools. In general, the coin transaction process or procedure requires a lot of cumbersome, complicated, and rigid procedures.

This has caused a waste of time, effort, and money and especially prevented new investors from coming into the market. Therefore, the new Lunar believes that the user experience is still not really good and there needs to be a turning point to change this process.

Project Vision


Lunar’s vision boils down to one simple sentence: to deliver crypto-experiences beyond imagination by putting users first.

To realize this vision, Lunar proposes solutions that re-centralize users in a single place. DeFi remains a good choice for democratizing finance, but with it comes deep fragmentation. The time has come for all the individual solutions to be codified in one place to attract prospective investors reading this article.

It will be an all-in ecosystem including Wallets, DEX, price chart, token information, token explorer, portfolio tracking, watchlist, price alert, reflection tracking, farming, staking, NFT trading, etc.

In addition to refocusing on one place, Lunar also wants to be able to create cohesion in the whole system, removing all barriers for new users. The project wishes to give users a really great experience with the crypto market with just one simple operation.

Basic information about the LNR token


Token name: Lunar

Ticker: LNR

0x9d4451151a8de5b545a1bc6c8fdeb9d94a2868e1 is the address.

Standard: Updating

Token type: Utility

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

915,194,826,046,517 total supply

Updating the supply chain

Token allocation


With the above total supply, the LNR tokens will be allocated mainly to reward early supporters as well as long-term holders. 12% of the cost of buying, selling, and converting will be divided into small sources such as:

Growth wallet: 5.5%

Holder reflection: 3%

LNR-BNB liquidity pool: 3%

NFT holder reflection: 0.5%

LNR token utility

Some of the benefits that LNR tokens bring to users are:

  • Cross-chain trading in the Lunar ecosystem
  • It provides liquidity in lunar LPs.
  • Pay for transactions in the Lunar ecosystem.
  • and some other popular utilities.

Where can I buy LNR?

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Users can buy LNR at exchanges like PancakeSwap (v2), DigiFinex, BitMart, etc.

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