PEAR is a decentralized online marketplace. The goal is to provide a free, open, decentralized marketplace that facilitates the exchange of goods and value using a decentralized payment system, a decentralized marketplace (PEAR network) and Decentralized Moderator (PEAR DAO).

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Features and how Pear works?

PearDAO works to expand the crypto space by allowing value exchange for on-chain, off-chain, and cross-chain ecosystems at the same time, similar to how Amazon or tiki works. use. PearDAO aims to be the leading open market, compatible with all types of transactions and payment methods. PEX’s vision is to be part of the infrastructure for the Web3 ecosystem.

In addition, PearDAO is also one of the nominated projects for BNB Chain’s MVB IV Incubation Program on March 10, 2022.

PEX ‘s DAO Mechanism

PEX Tokens will be created to maintain the management of the PEX DAO. PEX holders will be able to establish rules using a voting mechanism.

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During the initial phase of Pear DAO establishment, PEX holders will be able to submit their proposal to the organization before the iteration phase. Proposals will be voted on during the iteration phase. Voting power is determined by the number of PEX tokens available or staked by individual wallet addresses. Proposals with the highest votes will be voted on and changes will be made that will affect the configurable part of the smart contract.

There will be two forms of change: Governance or Operational.

Governance changes will impact Pear’s strategic management, while operational changes will affect how the market is currently being run, including rules and regulations.

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Difference of PEX

Unlike Exchange 1.0 which is subscription-based and controlled by a centralized server or Exchange 2.0 where anonymous users transact on-chain with automatic market creation, PearDAO brings us to the era of Web 3.0 due to The DAO managing with off-chain assets and on-chain escrow.

With its mechanism, PearDao can support the trading of off-chain assets with slip = 0 costs, on-chain escrow, DAO usage, and participation in Metaverse.

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Trade Mining Reward

The Trade Mining Bonus incentivizes all users who have traded on the Pear Market. Users will be rewarded with PEX tokens after each completed order. Rewards will be distributed linearly over 30 days. Claimable rewards can be claimed at any time. Commercial mining rewards will be released in real-time and can be received instantly.

PEX Token

Benefits of holding PEX Token

  • You can choose to become a Liquidity Provider by staking PEX-BNB LP Tokens to earn APR rewards.
  • Stake PEX tokens to earn fees related to trading volume on Pear Marketplace.
  • Stake 100 PEX-BNB LP Tokens to be tradable on Pear Marketplace. Earning both APR rewards and trade mining rewards.
  • Users can earn PEX rewards whenever a transaction is completed.
  • Buy and sell crypto assets at preferred prices.

Basic Information of Token PEX

  • Token Name: Pear DAO Token
  • Ticker: PEX
  • Blockchain: BNB Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: 0x6a0b66710567b6beb81A71F7e9466450a91a384b
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 PEX
  • Circulating Supply: 52,787,844


  • Farming: 15% (150M)
  • Community Development/Marketing: 40% (400,000,000)
  • Ecosystem Growth: 40% (400,000,000)
  • Fair Launch: 5% (50,000,000)
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  • Farming: Paying monthly for 5 years
  • Community Development/Marketing: Paying monthly for 6 years
  • Ecosystem Growth: Paying monthly for 8 years
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Quarter 2 2022: Expand to multiple chains with EVM support
More Defi use cases, including staking, liquidity mining (LP)
Trusted and Reputation Score System.

Quarter 3 /Quarter4 2022: NFT Market
Defi 2.0 feature to improve liquidity and support the underlying asset PEX
A seller incentive program to improve market liquidity
Professional dashboard for professional sellers

2023: Encrypting the IM engine
Expanding Marketplace offering to non-digital goods

Project team



With a strategic investment from BNB, PearDAO will expand its business to more regions and users requiring higher on-chain and off-chain services. Help BNB Chain reach less accessible parts of the world and promote and expand.

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PearDao is a project that has an almost finished product and the project website is also quite smooth, the interface is eye-catching, but the Dev team is anonymous and unclear so you can consider it carefully before when you invest. Good luck

So through the above article, I have helped you understand more about the PearDAO project. Hope the above information will help you better understand the project.

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