What is the APEX Protocol?

The ApeX Protocol is a decentralized, unattended, permissionless, censorship-resistant perpetual futures contract protocol. The ApeX Protocol allows introducing a perpetual swap market for any token pair while maintaining full control over users’ private keys.

In APEX, it includes 3 main features:

  • Trading of cryptocurrency perpetual contracts is not allowed with leverage.
  • Elastic Automated Market Maker (eAMM) is an abbreviation for Elastic Automated Market Maker.
  • PCV stands for Protocol Controlled Value.

The ApeX Protocol project empowers traders around the world with open and transparent financial tools that can help maintain and grow their assets. The ApeX Protocol aims to promote financial inclusion and make crypto derivatives trading more accessible.

APEX Protocol Highlights

  • Trade tokens of any Web3, DeFi, Meme, or GameFi project on the derivatives market with up to 10X leverage.
  • Create a liquidity pool and add liquidity to any currency pair.
  • Buy $APEX at a good price through the bond issuance program with an attractive APR.
  • Stake to receive an APEX token and a transaction fee as reward.
  • Trade NFTs and participate in APEX NFT games. Owners of one of the 4,560 ApeX Predator NFTs will be entitled to participate in APEX NFT games as well as receive a permanent 8% discount on transaction fees.

The ApeX Protocol stands out for its unique approach to the AMM model. It relies on the Constant Product Formula for price retrieval and combines many other on-chain algorithms to dynamically adjust the liquidity supply according to market conditions.

Through a series of funding arbitrage and recovery mechanisms, the ApeX Protocol is able to peg dynamic futures contracts to collateral similar to how algorithmic stablecoins work. The project calls this mechanism “eAMM.”

Information about the APEX token



Token name: ApeX Protocol

Ticker: APEX

Blockchain: Ethereum

Token standard: ERC-20

Contract: 0x52A8845DF664D76C69d2EEa607CD793565aF42B8

Token Type: Governance, utility

The total supply is 1,000,000,000 APEX

Token allocation

APEX’s total supply of 1,000,000,000 is distributed as follows:

Team: 15% (12 month course, then pay linearly for 24 months per month at 4.17%).

Early Investors: 8% (12 month lockup, then pay linearly for 24 months per month at 4.17%)

77% (100% immediate payment at exchange listing, but DAO token allocation will be locked for 36 months; trading, staking, and bonding rewards will be paid 10% at exchange listing, then linearly for 48 months)

Token Use Case

DAO-based project governance via a voting mechanism

Users can stake APEX to receive an APEX token staking reward.

APEX tokens can be obtained by taking part in AMA, bug bounty, liquidity mining, bonding events, and NFT trading.

How to Possess and Store

Join Staking, Liquidity Mining, and the ApeX NFT Game.

All ERC-20 compatible wallets, like Metamask, Coin98 Wallet, Trust Wallet, etc.


ApeX went on to the mainnet in March 2022, as well as holding an NFT sale that allows users to receive APEX tokens for holding these NFTs.

After the mainnet, the first goal of the project is to secure the liquidity of the protocol with liquidity-providing stimulus programs. In the first half of 2022, the project will focus on building the core platform of ApeX Protocol, including:

  • Deploy the V1 product and the Bonding program.
  • Full-featured professional trading experience.
  • Deploy on more blockchains, towards a multi-chain future.

Investors and Partners


The number of investment funds backing the project is not large, but there are 3 reputable tier-1 investment funds that are Dragonfly Capital, Jump Trading, and Tiger Global.

Fees on the ApeX Protocol


All transactions occurring on the ApeX Protocol will be subject to a 0.1% transaction fee. in which the transaction fee will be distributed as follows:

  • 10% will be reallocated to the eAMM in its respective BASE assets.
  • 30% will be allocated to APEX (protocol native token) staking rewards.
  • The remaining 60% will be deposited into the DAO Treasury.

Liquidated transactions on the ApeX Protocol will be subject to a “Liquidation Fee” calculated from the residual value of the liquidated position. A “liquidation fee” will be distributed as follows:

  • The eAMM will receive 95% of the funds in its respective BASE assets.
  • The remaining 5% is rewarded to protocol liquidators.


ApeX Protocol’s Twitter channel has 42.7K followers. The project often updates daily news. The project does not invest much in terms of images, also because the images are not polished much, so they do not attract much interaction work.


ApeX Protocol’s Telegram group chat has 19.2K members and over 1000 people online. Besides, Apex Protocol’s notification channel only has 1.9K members.


A glimmer of the ApeX project is the Discord channel. Although it only has 13.5K members, it has more than 1.5K people online. The Discord channel has many chat rooms for many different languages and is easy to use.


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