Surely among us, many people at least once heard the concept of “keylogger”. Although you may have a vague feeling that it’s dangerous, the malicious tool can help bad guys steal the information we enter from the keyboard. But can you confidently say that you completely understand this tool? Let’s learn about it with TEAM HOLDINGB !!!

What is a keylogger?

Keyloggers are a type of monitoring software-hardware designed to record keystrokes made by a user. One of the oldest forms of cyber threat, these keystroke loggers record the information you type into a website or application and send it back to a third party

Once a cybercriminal has got hold of confidential user data, s/he can easily transfer money from the user’s account or access the user’s online gaming account. Unfortunately, access to confidential data can sometimes have consequences that are far more serious than an individual’s loss of a few dollars. Keyloggers can be used as tools in both industrial and political espionage, accessing data that may include proprietary commercial information and classified government material which could compromise the security of commercial and state-owned organizations (for example, by stealing private encryption keys).


Reading the keylogger definition, you might think all keyloggers are illegal. They aren’t. They do have legitimate, useful applications. For example, keyloggers are often used by IT departments to troubleshoot problems and systems. Also, they can keep an eye on employee activities. And on a personal level, you can keep an eye on what your kids are up to on your computer. Plus there are plenty of other perfectly legal use cases for installing a keylogger on computers.

How does a keylogger work?

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Keylogger in the form of software or hardware often runs in the background on the computer, recording every keystroke that the user enters. Sometimes to avoid sending data so often that tracking is “noticed” by the user, these software packages can be designed to send only strings of data that appear to be useful – such as a string the number “looks” like a credit card code.

How to Detect Keyloggers

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  • Step no. 1 – Task Manager

The Task Manager enables you to see the active applications on the computer. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open Task Manager. In the list of applications, check if there’s any suspicious file, if a keylogger is active, it should be visible in Task Manager. Disable the malicious application.

  • Step no. 2 – Programs and Features

In Programs and Features, you will see the list of applications you installed on the computer. If an application appears suspicious with an unverified publisher, you can Google it. If it is unnecessary, uninstall it. It could have been installed without your knowledge.

  • Step no. 3 – Full Malware Scan

If you want to ensure your protection from keyloggers, do a full malware scan on the PC. Look for reputable anti-malware software. It will scan the computer for malware. The threats detected will be displayed when the malware scanning process is finished. Just click remove and exit. That’s how to detect keyloggers fast and easily.

keyloggers Countermeasure

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Here are some simple way but effective ways to prevent malicious keylogger software:

  • Keyloggers can be detected using one of the best free antivirus software options. Reliable antivirus software functions as a keylogger detector when it scans your device to find keyloggers and other types of malware
  • Don’t arbitrarily open files of unknown origin. It is best to delete or scan with an antivirus program and an antispyware program because many antivirus programs can only find viruses, not spyware.
  • Don’t install strange programs (because they may contain viruses, trojans)
  • Don’t download programs from untrusted sources. If you can, review the digital signature, to make sure the program hasn’t been modified
  • Limit downloading and using cracked-program
  • Regularly fully update the operating system’s security updates
  • Or we can download some anti-keylogger software to protect

how to process keyloggers

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Simple method

Fastest and most effective removal of all programs that are monitoring the keyboard away. Some programs, such as Keylogger Killer’s, scan for programs that track too many applications at once, usually with one file, and then ask you to turn it off. However, some good programs (such as Unikey, Vietkey) also use this way, so they can cause mistakes.

Advanced method

Use a specialized antispyware program. These programs will automatically scan and analyze running programs as well as on the machine to identify keylogger programs and automatically remove them. Some programs also have Real-Time Protection, which protects you against spyware as soon as it is about to install on your computer.

But the most difficult point of this use is that most of the good programs have to be paid (eg Spyware Doctor of Pctools, McAfee Antispyware of McAfee, Bitdefender …)

However, there are still some good and free programs such as Ad-Aware SE, Spybot S&D, Spyblaster, although it still misses some special programs from time to time, but if used in combination (both or both at the same time). three) the effect is almost complete. (additional: if you run 2-3 programs that do not match each other, it will cause anti-virus software conflicts).

the summary

Hopefully, this summary will help you understand what the definition of Keylogger is and how it works, how to detect and process  Keylogger malware?

See ya in the next article !

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