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What is Crypto Staking?

Cryptocurrency staking is basically like a system of expressing your confidence in the future of a particular cryptocurrency platform. If the crypto platform performs well, you will receive a positive return on your stake in the platform.

Cryptocurrency staking offers a promising tool for earning interest on crypto assets instead of leaving them idly by. Investors receive rewards in the form of new tokens, which they can put back into staking platforms to increase their daily payouts.


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As one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Crypto.com has a huge user base that numbers in the millions. The most important highlight of Crypto.com as a cryptocurrency staking platform is its simple and cost-effective exchange services. It allows access to these services in more than 250 tokens, along with facilitating access to other crypto-based services.

Users can also explore the possibility of placing staking services on Crypto.com through the Crypto Earn function. Users simply deposit their crypto tokens, and the platform uses the funds to provide loans to borrowers. The borrower then pays the loans with interest, and the user receives a daily reward from the interest payments.

Crypto.com position among the best crypto staking platforms also takes into account three distinct factors. First of all, the APY rate fluctuates significantly according to the associated token. In addition, the specific rate depends on the willingness of investors to lock up their crypto assets for a longer period of time. Most importantly, it also offers higher APYs for staking CRO tokens, the native token of Crypto.com.


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This is a popular crypto exchange that offers the facility of staking over 100 different crypto tokens. Cryptocurrency tokens supported on Binance include a variety of APYs and projects. Binance also offers different options for when to lock your tokens. Its popularity stems from its ability to provide the highest yield in the shortest amount of time.The crypto staking platform achieves this based on daily rate fluctuations.

One of the notable entries among the top crypto staking platforms is the allocation limit for each staking pool. As a result, you may notice how the best deals on Binance sell out quickly. With a clear idea of your staking requirements, you can use Binance to trade cryptocurrencies.


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It is the best crypto staking platform for beginners looking to trade digital assets in a safe environment. In addition to staking services, Coinbase also serves as a highly regulated and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange.

An interesting Coinbase highlight in the list of crypto staking platforms would be the fact that you don’t need to buy crypto on the platform itself. You can also transfer tokens from an external wallet to Coinbase for staking. The crypto staking platform supports nearly six digital currencies for staking purposes. The six cryptocurrencies are USDC, Ethereum, Tezos, Algorand, Dai, and Cosmos. Additionally, the platform plans to introduce support for other staking coins in the future.


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The notable highlight of eToro is the portal to attract idle crypto investments. Interestingly, when you buy digital assets on eToro, you will find the corresponding tokens deposited automatically on your behalf.

eToro, as one of the best crypto staking platforms, deals with automatic staking rewards for three different crypto assets. Investors can earn automatic rewards on Ethereum, Tron, and Cardano assets. However, the staking fee on eToro depends on membership status and location. This is one of the best entries in the list of crypto staking platforms for 2022, especially for the snappy user experience. The good news is that you don’t have to lock up your crypto assets for specific periods of time.


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Supporting staking facilities for almost 43 different cryptocurrencies, Gemini provides diverse opportunities for crypto staking. It is one of the largest crypto staking platforms in terms of the crypto tokens for which it offers staking rewards.

Gemini does not claim that it operates as a cryptocurrency staking platform. On the contrary, it offers an “earn” feature that allows users to earn interest on crypto deposits.


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The standout feature of Aqru is evident in its flexibility in sending digital tokens and fiat currencies. Aqru is probably the best staking platform that allows investors to deposit fiat currencies, including EUR and GBP, to bet on cryptocurrencies. Profits on the Aqru crypto staking platform depend on the specific crypto assets you have chosen to bet on.


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The crypto staking platform offers a better liquidity range without any restrictions on staking time to earn rewards. However, investors can make more money based on crypto deposit time.

You can find the opportunity to bet on about 10 different cryptocurrencies on Kraken. Interest rates on crypto staking on this platform can go up to 20% annually, which is one of the highest among other alternatives.

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