What is Pollen DeFi?

Pollen DeFi is a DAO platform, a decentralized portfolio management protocol that allows the creation and distribution of low volatility Defi tokens, and the use of reserve pools to distribute profits for DAO members.

Pollen, inspired by the ongoing financial crises, aspired to build what was seen as a missing piece of DeFi infrastructure. Pollen drew on several projects and inspiration points and performed an analysis of DAO’s wealth management tools and best practices (strengths and cons) to create a good model. best.

One of the goals of the Pollen implementation is to create an Ethereum-based asset index that can be used as risk-diversified collateral in the DeFi ecosystem, allowing for the replacement of over-collateralized In some cases. With Pollen, members propose collective decision-making for digital asset portfolio management. It is similar to an index fund, the main difference being that all the participants are stakeholders. Members can delegate their voting rights to any other member, which allows those with little time to participate to still oversee governance. Assets are stored in smart contracts and rebalanced by collective decisions.

Development team

William Vandyk-CEO: William has worked for over 20 years in traditional financial services, initially in investment banking before moving into business development. He has led more than 200 corporate deals, including 34 IPOs and 63 takeovers, is head of corporate finance and strategy at Schroders Personal Wealth, CEO of tech incubator ESG and built, led, and sold several brokerage and investment businesses.

Philip Verrien:-Co-Founder and Project Lead: Philip is Co-Founder – Project Lead at Pollen DeFi and brings the technical leadership and long-term experience needed to operate an innovative DAO-based platform. Verrien has a special interest in decentralized structure and governance and has been involved in the blockchain space since early 2013; His pre-blockchain life focuses on the Venture Building, the Swiss banking industry, Banking Technology, and Open Science.

Jaime Fernando Delgado- Co-Founder-CTO: Jaime holds a PhD in electronic engineering with over 15 years of experience in programming, computing, data analysis, Blockchain technology, protocol design, and smart contract architecture. His expertise includes academia as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Geneva and, in industry, previous experience related to the development of machine learning and signal processing methods at BRAINCOM, a project An international project funded by the European Commission, developing an agricultural product platform that uses blockchain technology to verify and authenticate transactions and encrypt grains at CEREALIA SA, and recently designed and implementing blockchain architecture and web platform for equity tokenization at Lithium Capital SA, where he is the Chief Technical Officer.

Adam Clarke- Co-Founder-Product Designer, Senior Software: Adam is Co-Founder at Pollen DeFi, and leads UI/UX and frontend team. He is passionate about delivering intuitive and dynamic user experiences and has over 12 years of experience in product design and software development. For the past 4 years, he has been working in the Web3 world, which has contributed to the development of many types of decentralized applications.

Benjamin Lock- Co-Founder – Art Director: After graduating from the University of sculpture, Benjamin joined blockchain as the co-founder of the UK’s first crypto investor referral program. Previously, he worked for 5 years with Mini Mouse (Disney), and 10 years with The Grinch (Universal).

Theodosis Mourouzis: Theodosis Mourouzis is a cryptographer and information security expert with great interests in both academia and industry, He holds a Master’s degree in Pure Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, and a Master of Science in Security. and a PhD in information security from University College London. He was the first recipient of the UK Cybersecurity Cryptography Competition in 2013. He has extensive experience working with leading governments, companies, and organizations such as Lloyds Bank, US. Navy, MSC Shipmanagement, Technology Strategy Board (TSB), Center for Defense Enterprise (CDE), European Central Bank (ECB), and many others. He is also acting as Blockchain technical expert for the European Commission regarding Blockchain projects. He has worked for successful blockchain projects like Crypto20, Qredo, Orakuru oracle, and many more.

There are also many other members in different positions….

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The most important part of any DAO is the governance model. Pollen uses delegation but keeps in mind that similar to the authorization process in dPoS based networks, holders with few tokens delegate their voting power to someone with a significantly large amount of tokens. , as it ensures that he will act in the best interests of the DAO. The voting process is designed with spam prevention in mind (any vote must be paid with the final deposit back). Members (including proxies) are rewarded for participating in the voting process while others are not – it is done to address what is known as “voters apathy”. And users are free to withdraw at any time.

One of the main mechanisms of Pollen is abbreviated as PIP. PIP is similar to EIP in Ethereum, in that the community decides on a standardized interface and allows any user to create competing implementations. The way Pollen is architected revolves around the DAO, the DAO Factory, and modules. Modules are where the core of business logic runs, and DAOs can easily accept new modules, upgrade existing ones, or even stop old ones. By standardizing interfaces for modules, the community will be able to create competing implementations, e.g. vaults for different chains, leveraged vaults, staking vaults, and other profits vault module holds assets for groups of assets that will follow the PIP vault interface.


Pollen was founded in 2021 as the first decentralized crypto asset management company where the community holds all the power. Operated by the merit-based Pollen DAO, its governance protocol leverages the collective intelligence of its users to manage the pool of assets in a system that allows all participants to benefit from the contribution contributions from the most effective traders. Pollen’s core products include virtual portfolios and asset-based index management tools.

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Below are the details of Pollen DeFi’s fundraising rounds, they raised $ 7.5 million, in addition, in the IDO round for the community, they also raised more than $ 500 thousand.

Some of Pollen’s investors such as DAO capital, MoonWhale, and LVT capital,…

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Development roadmap

Some of the key goals in Pollen DeFi’s next roadmap are:

  • Launch main-net
  • Launch of Portfolio Asset Index (PAI)
  • NFT Rewards
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Pollen DiFi is currently the first project working on decentralized portfolio management, so there is currently no direct counterpart, but in terms of centralized portfolio management, there are also many typical exchanges. such as Binance, Huobi, gate.io,….


Pollen DeFi has now cooperated with several parties such as Thegraph, polygon, token suite, etc.


The main parameters of Pollen

  • Token Name: Pollen
  • Token Code: PLN
  • Contract: 0x7b2b702706d9b361dfe3f00bd138c0cfda7fb2cf
  • Network: Avalanche-ARC20
  • Total supply: 200,000,000 PLN
  • Current Circulation: 8,831,053 PLN
  • Current Cap: $862,706

Tokenomics PLN Allocation Table

  • Teams & Advisors: 21%
  • Private Sale: 10.625%
  • Operational Reserves: 14.875%
  • Governace Rewwads: 53%
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In which Operational Reserves: 14.875% will continue to be allocated for the following purposes:

  • Development: 40.5%
  • Legal, Regualatory, compliance: 4%
  • General, Administrative: 4.5%
  • Liquidity Provision: 6%
  • Fundraising – PR: 7%
  • Operation & Management of Foundaton: 17%
  • Business development- marketing: 21%
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Token use case

  • Allows to actively manage portfolios on the platform and, if they make good decisions, earn PLN as a reward.
  • Allows passive delegators to delegate their governance tokens to the best performing traders and share PLNs as rewards for good decisions made.

Token payment schedule

Below is a history of funding rounds including token amount, price, and token payment schedule for investors.

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The next generation Pollen DeFi is for crypto traders and owners looking to outperform the market through a managed fund. Traders can actively manage their portfolios, build their reputations and climb the leaderboards for rewards. If you are an experienced investor, you will surely earn an extra income from this project.

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