What is XDEFI Wallet?

XDEFI Wallet is a multi-platform extensions wallet that can easily interact with decentralized applications (DeFi), developed by THORChain in August 2020.

XDEFI Wallet integrates many features directly in the wallet including stake, farm, swap,… It won’t take you too much to interact with blockchains like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Binance Chain, Matic Network (Polygon), Terra, and THORChain. Shortly, XDEFI Wallet will integrate SolanaAvalanche, and Arbitrum.

Highlights of XDEFI

XDEFI is a gateway that makes it easier for users to enter the world of DeFi because everything is wrapped up in one application. With XDEFI, you can:

  • Receive and send assets regardless of which Blockchain they are on.
  • Connects to any application in the Blockchain.
  • Buy and sell tokens on the wallet.
  • Displays the NFT image stored in the wallet.
  • Perform DeFi operations.


However, according to current experience, XDEFI is quite rudimentary, as well as quite limited.

For example, still unable to connect to the dApps on the Kusama – Polkadot network. And also missing a lot of chains. However, I think shortly, their team will update this issue quickly. And the ad also said, the price can be x2.8, but I see the potential of this project, so even if I don’t buy the IDO dc, I will still find a nice entry and hold the x10-30.

Pro Backer


XDEFI raised $6M from Alameda Research, Defiance Capital, Mechanism Capital, Animoca Brand, MorningStar Ventures, Sino Global Capital, and Coingecko.

Token Economic

Token Sale Information

356 1
  • Total supply: 240,000,000 $XDEFI
  • Public sale price: US$0.65
  • Initial supply: 40,251,026 $XDEFI

Token Utilities

  • Staking
  • Governance
  • Play to earn
  • Building

Token Allocation

  • Ecosystem Fund: 30% 
  • Play to (L)earn: 16% 
  • Public Sale: 9% 
  • Early Investors: 28% 
  • XDEFI Wallet Team: 15% 
  • Advisors: 2%

Token Schedule



Muil-chain will become an inevitable trend shortly, when more and more new blockchains appear, communication between blockchains is necessary.

Instructions for installing XDEFI Wallet wallet

Installing xdefi wallet is also very simple, you first go to the home page of that wallet https://www.xdefi.io/. Then select the download icon in the top right corner of the web interface.

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