Near ecosystem is a new ecosystem but has attracted $1.6 billion in investment capital on Rainbow Bridge.


Information and important updates

The Aurora Foundation is implementing and deploying a number of projects across multiple ecosystems to bring growth to its ecosystem. There are many grants ranging from $50,000 to $2,000,000 that have been launched.

During the last time of the survey, the Near System was recorded with very remarkable numbers:

  • Near TVL earned $1.12 billion from two sources of profit: $275 million from Near and $83 million from Aurora.
  • Burrow Cash raised $5 million USD in investment capital, and Trisolaris is the most successful and most requested capital from many major VCs in the market.

New and updated projects

Projects in nearby Near and Aurora are continuously underway, and many of them provide significant development:

  • Project segments in lending and borrowing continue to be dominated by intense battles between Aurigami, Bastion, and Burrow “for” TVL, and these battles generate attention in order to attract new cash flows into the ecosystem.
  • In addition to dominating the lending segment, Bastion Protocol aspires to be the largest player on Aurora in the stableswap segment.
  • As previously stated, Trisolaris raised capital from a number of large venture capital firms, demonstrating its development potential through new roadmaps that will be released soon.
  • At the same time, Burrow Cash and Ref Finance raised $5 million in investment capital and became the two main DeFi pieces in the whole system.

Analyze each puzzle piece on Near

Lending & Borrowing

  1. The Bastion Protocol

Bistion Prococol is one of the lending and borrowing projects on Near. The next product of the project, Stableswap, will allow projects to trade with equal asset value with low slippage. In addition, cTokens (tokens received after depositing assets into Bastion) are products that are focused on early development.

This product has been optimized, allowing users to optimize the efficiency of capital use and get multiple yield sources at the same time in the Bastion Protocol.

Helping users to optimize has shown the creativity, dedication, and high ability in product design of the Bastion team.

2. Burrow Cash

Burrow Cash has launched their product on Mainnet Near. Total TVL (including borrowing and deposits) has surpassed 100 million meters.Currently, the project is opening liquidity mining for BRRR tokens, allowing you to deposit and borrow to farm BRRR tokens.

The project announced a backer consisting of many large funds in the market with a total of $5 million USD.

3. Additional puzzle pieces

In addition to the above lending applications, Near also has many lending applications that have had a number of updates, including:

  • Aurigami: With Aurigami, you can use stNEAR as collateral to borrow other tokens.In addition, they also announced a partnership with Multichain and increased the reward for the USDC lending and borrowing pool.
  • In addition, there is nothing new in other lending applications.

It is expected that in the near future, there will be an explosion of lending applications on the system along with retroactive opportunities, especially with projects with strong support such as Bastion, Burrow Cash, and Aurigami.


  1. Ref Finance

Ref Finance has reached 120 million TVL in the past few months (mainly due to the increase in NEAR prices). And some new farm pools like NEAR-SOL, SKYWARD-NEAR, and Staking NFT ASAC.

2. Trisolaris

The DEX is at the top of the list on Aurora with a successful fundraising of $4.5 million from many giant investment funds such as Jump Crypto, Electric Capital, and Dragonfly Capital. In the future, Trisolaris will use veNomics to develop stableswap on Aurora.

This deal is an example of growing success, showing cash inflows into the Near and Aurora systems.

3. Staking

Metapool is the only staking project on Near. In recent months, lending products have used stNear as collateral to facilitate NEAR and Metapool deposits.

Metapool’s TVL volume increased dramatically from 30 million to 100 million, leading to an increase in META’s price.

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