What is Digital Fitness (DEFIT)?

Digital Fitness (DEFIT) is known as a multi-chain cryptocurrency, deployed on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. Digital Fitness’s goal is to integrate Blockchain technology into the world of sports, leading the “Move to Earn” trend. Instead of running on a private blockchain, DEFIT is issued on the Ethereum network, the ERC-20 standard.



DEFIT’s vision is to become the #1 cryptocurrency in the global fitness and sports community. The coin will give full administration and operation rights to users. DEFIT is integrated with a reliable and secure crypto-currency fast payment method for all users in the fitness community.

As a result, you avoid the complications associated with multi-currency portfolio management, bank fees, and third-party censorship. At the same time, Digital Fitness enhances privacy and encourages user engagement through exclusive staking benefits.

In the future, digital fitness will be fully integrated into the unique and innovative wellness market like 360Wellness.

What problem does it solve?


Digital Fitness answers all the immediate needs of health and fitness professionals. Through the integration of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, DEFIT can accelerate fitness services globally.

In addition, DEFIT brings additional security to data analysis. With many data breaches occurring in traditional sports applications, DEFIT is able to optimize the layer of security for users’ data activities as well as allow them to access their data without incident.

Outstanding Features


High security

The majority of traditional digital fitness apps have always had a data breach problem. The presence of Digital Fitness will enhance security as well as access to data, improving the user experience.

E-commerce support

The fitness and health industry will provide retailers and buyers with an affordable management system, making it easier for traders. At the same time, Digital Fitness can provide enhanced financial security, speed optimization, and online transaction opportunities with countries around the world.

Decentralized but not

Users can directly access the data without going through any other intermediaries. Through Smart Contract integration, sports coaches can seamlessly reach out to clients directly.

Modern gadgets in the app

DEFIT is integrated into sports apps, delivering fun games for customer engagement and rewards for winners. In particular, the metadata of the DEFIT coin and NFT integrated into the application are immutable and cannot be deleted.

Information about the DEFIT coin


Token name: Digital Fitness.

Ticker: DEFIT.

Token Standard: ERC20.

Supply in circulation: 26,147,768.

total supply of 50,000,000.

The maximum supply is 50,000,000 VND.

$894,412 in 24 hour trading volume (April 21, 2022).

$5,689,715 in market capitalization

Contract: 0x84cffa78b2fbbeec8c37391d2b12a04d2030845e

What is the DEFIT coin used for?

  • Transaction fees charged to users.
  • Payment is made in network transactions.
  • Holders of DEFIT can be staked for rewards.

Where can DEFIT coins be bought, sold, and stored?

DEFIT coin is currently listed and supported for trading on a number of exchanges, including UniSwap, MEXC, QuickSwap, and others.

On Uniswap, DEFIT coin is the most traded, accounting for 59.48% of total trading volume. You can refer to and choose one of the exchanges above to buy and sell DEFIT coin.

DEFIT is an ERC20 token. Therefore, you can safely store it on supported e-wallets such as: MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, TrustWallet, Coin98,…

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