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What is Mainnet?

Mainnet stands for Main Network (official network) is a term used to describe a complete version of Blockchain, officially introduced to the consumer community.

Mainnet is an official Blockchain version after successful Testnet testing. When a Coin is released on Mainnet, it means that this Coin has a separate Blockchain that is not dependent on the Blockchain of any other Coin, with its wallet platform that can be sent and received.

The launch of the Mainnet version representing the Coin project has achieved a significant technological advance. The mainnet connects the wallet software and is used for normal transactions.

What is Testnet?

Testnet stands for Test Network (test network) is a version of Blockchain intended for testing new features and will not have any effect on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Coins on Testnet will have no economic value, transactions will still take place as usual but carry no value. When developers wish to introduce a different coin with feature changes to the Bitcoin Blockchain, they must make sure the version has been thoroughly tested before it goes live.

Before launching a new coin, the Testnet must test the new feature to guarantee a transaction as expected or not.

What’s the difference Between Testnet and Mainnet?

In the field of digital currency, people use two different networks, one is Mainnet and the other is Testnet.

These two networks work the same and they are used together on the same software, but they differ in the options when choosing different software.

  • The mainnet connects the wallet software and is used for common transactions
  • Testnet is used for programmers to write software tests, check bugs, and test software features

The importance of Mainnet

To be able to introduce a certain type of cryptocurrency to the market, almost all projects choose the ICO issuance method. After buying the project’s token, many people do not know how to monitor the project’s progress so that they can decide whether to hold it for a long time or not. Therefore, Mainnet and Testnet are two extremely important factors for an ICO, they contribute a large part to the success of the project in the future.

When starting to learn about an ICO project, the first thing to consider is the project’s whitepaper. In this Whitepaper, there will be details about the development roadmap, Testnet testing time, and Mainnet release

  • If the Testnet test project is successful, the Mainnet will be released and the price of this coin will grow strongly. Especially you must have faith in the project development team to predict the potential of the coin in the future and make informed decisions.
  • If the Testnet fails, you need to consider whether to continue holding the coin or not. At this time, the development team needs time to be able to perform the Testnet again, in case it fails, the decision will not be kept.

What is the function of Mainnet?

The manner is a great demonstration of development and can be used to publicly verify that the project has developed a fully independent Blockchain, where transactions take place.

Owning a Mainnet is a sign that the project is live and in technical progress, serving as working proof that the project is doing well with its vision.

In addition, a live Mainnet can test the Blockchain’s functions, users can join the network at any time, and if something goes wrong, it affects the inner workings of the Blockchain.

Therefore, launching the Mainnet requires a significant amount of technical development and resources to ensure the network is functioning properly.

A project that owns its own Blockchain Mainnet has high reliability, which is better than a project that is still running on the foundation of another Blockchain. Since the Mainnet is a de facto protocol, all transactions are active and users can transact with each other using the blockchain’s native coins.

For example, Blockchain is open source and free for anyone to join, the underlying code of the Blockchain will be publicly visible and any problems that occur can be detected by the community. The project will only be in theory when the crypto project does not have a Mainnet or the Mainnet is launched too late compared to the scheduled time. Therefore, this is one of the especially important factors that need to be carefully studied when evaluating ICO projects, evaluating projects without Mainnet will be much more difficult.

Should I invest inpMainnet project?

The mainnet will indicate whether this Blockchain project owns a good technology platform or not. Some investors will have almost no interest in investing in a project without a specific Mainnet plan even though the project is in the final stage of Testnet testing.

However, not every Mainnet project makes a coin increase in value in the long term. It is important for a project to have a clear, specific roadmap, and to have a talented team. Whether investing in Mainnet projects or not is up to each person’s vision and decision.

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