One of the things that traders worry about is how to make sure that their trades are profitable.

This problem frustrated many traders until the Orion protocol came along with its pooled liquidity solutions. Orion ensures that neither large investors nor whales affect its liquidity and offers more profitable transactions to its users.

What is the Orion Protocol?

The Orion Protocol is a project that aggregates liquidity from the entire cryptocurrency market into a single decentralized platform.

The unique functions of this protocol provide solutions to some of DeFi’s outstanding problems. These problems include the lack of trading pairs, liquidity, and special trading tools that meet the needs of traders.

The protocol brings together all the order books of cryptocurrency exchanges into one easy-to-use platform for users, or in other words, aggregates the liquidity of the entire crypto market (CEX, DEX, swapping pool) into a single decentralized platform.

While other decentralized liquidity aggregators operate in the DeFi space to collect liquidity, the Orion Protocol goes beyond that. The new project also aggregates liquidity from centralized digital exchanges outside the DeFi ecosystem.

What is an ORN token?

The Orion Protocol’s native token is called ORN. The ORN token is the Utility Token of the Orion Protocol according to Ethereum’s ERC20 token standard.

This token serves as a means of performing various transactions on the protocol.

If the user pays the transaction fee using ORN, the amount will be lower than when using other means.

In addition, with tokens, users can earn interest through the staking mechanism.

The maximum total supply is 100,000,000 ORN, but in current circulation there are only 4,030,000 ORN. That is, the number of ORN tokens in circulation accounts for only 4.03% of the total ORN supply.

When the Orion Protocol is applied and integrated into more blockchains, the demand for ORN tokens will increase. With DeFi being a hot trend at the moment, with the solution that Orion provides, it is likely that ORN tokens will see price increases in the near future.

What can the Orion Protocol do?

To solve the above problems in the market, Orion Protocol has the following capabilities:

  • Summarize and combine liquidity

The Orion Terminal works with the Orion liquidity pool (“Orion Pool”), which holds various crypto tokens. These tokens are locked in a smart contract and are used to exchange cryptocurrencies and provide liquidity to the market.

Analyzing all your crypto investments on one platform increases your ability to make data-driven decisions in the crypto market. Not only that, it also offers you the best price and reduced slippage.

Slippage occurs when you have to buy a currency at a different or unexpected price because the value of the cryptocurrency has increased or decreased. It is caused by market volatility and can affect your investment strategy.

  • Decentralized brokerage

Through the use of PoS, DPoB, together with the ORN token, play a leading role. Each transaction on the Orion Protocol is performed by a broker through a decentralized exchange. Brokers earn ORN tokens for making these transactions.

  • Smart contract

Orion’s smart contract can be deployed in different programming languages (Solidity, Rust,…) through which its application on other platforms becomes simple.

  • Matching tool

The high-performance Orion matching engine is built on an aggregated orderbook, updated from every exchange in real time.

  • Versatile wallet

The Orion Protocol wallet can be integrated into all popular and widely used wallets. It provides users with a secure storage solution.

Products of Orion (ORN)

  • Orion Terminal: Orion Terminal is the first platform that allows decentralized access to centralized exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, AscendEX, and more, without KYC, accounts, and regional restrictions.
  • Orion Lending: Orion Lending aggregates lending APRs from centralized and decentralized providers to ensure both borrowers and lenders can seamlessly utilize the best rates available.
  • Orion Margin: The lack of order book depth on decentralized platforms has hindered the creation of high margin trading on decentralized exchanges. You can understand margin (margin) as the initial amount of money or assets committed to be able to use leverage from the exchange. However, Orion can provide such a service because it aggregates the calculation, liquidity, and depth of centralized exchanges through a decentralized execution process. When talking about order book depth, it refers to the amount of liquidity the order book can absorb. The “deeper” the market is, the more liquidity there is in the order book. Also, a market with more liquidity can absorb larger orders without significantly affecting the price. However, if the market is illiquid, large orders can have a significant impact on prices.
  • Orion Price Oracle: Resistance to price manipulation since prices are derived from every order book in the market.
  • Orion DEX Kit: A DEX Toolkit that allows blockchains to build decentralized exchanges and private chains in just a few hours.
  • Exchanges can use the Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin to improve order book depth and liquidity.
  • Orion Enterprise Widget: The middle layer between crypto projects with utility tokens and all the liquidity available in the market. Every solution built on the protocol so far has been created to solve the problems. Liquidity, custody, accessibility, and scalability issues.

Closing thoughts

Due to the innovations it brings, the Orion Protocol (ORN) is one of the best coins. It has caught the attention of experienced investors, and we can see the project has all it takes for future success. With Orion, no single institution or investor can affect its aggregate liquidity.

Orion also seeks to address another risk from centralized exchanges, that is hacking, and Orion’s unattended solutions attempt to solve this problem by allowing users to freely manage their assets. on the platform. Orion’s Aggregate Liquidity promises to solve this problem, and it’s off to a pretty good start. With Orion, no single institution or investor can affect its aggregate liquidity.

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