Universal trading floors, or DEX, have become very popular and have the potential to grow further in the electronic money market. Moreover, each new DEX platform comes with its own feature set.

Non-focusing platforms are more meaningful because there is no central management agency. Dex leads in the electronic money space and even competes with large CEX platforms.

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UniSwap is the most prominent name, and it is not too strange because it has been a perfect achievement. Of course, it had to go through the previous difficulties and challenges. But the good liquidity and the simplicity of UniSwap are its strengths. As a non-central exchange platform, UniSwap works through its dedicated model.

Ownership on the platform is prescribed through the administration model that allows users to express their vote in their original UniSwap administration. Requests on UniSwap are not as complicated as other Dex. Each time you exchange tokens, UniSwap charges a trading fee of 0.3%.

UniSwap has more than 3.72 billion dollars in collateral. Since its inception, it has evolved into a global universal exchange platform and an era determination.

UniSwap allows users to swap ERC-20 tokens through the Ethereum block string. Basically, UniSwap revolves around using smart contracts and will allow users to exchange or transact without using electronic money, without a third-party intermediary. UniSwap’s ultimate goal is to allow its users to handle exchanges independently.

PanCake Swap


After UniSwap, comes PancakeSwap. It works around the Binning Smart Chain. On the surface, it is a copy of UniSwap, but it is very prominent with DAPPS.

Users have complete control over any project in non-focusing rules such as voting via cake token administration. Pancake charges 0.2% for its notification transactions. The liquidity providers received 0.17%, while the Treasury burned 0.03%. Furthermore, the productivity farmers receive LP tokens and charge in the form of rewards.

The Pancake Swap has become ideal for the exchange of Bep-20 tokens through Binance Smart Chain. Technically, PancakeSwap uses an AMM model (automatic market creation) that allows users to trade tokens based on a specific liquidity group.

These groups contain money from many different users. In particular, users send these amounts to an independent group and receive LP notifications as rewards. Users can use these tokens to receive an initial transaction fee.



This is also a suitable option if you don’t use UniSwap or PancakeSwap. 1 inch provides a collective trading experience and is simpler. Unlike traditional DEX, 1 inch stands out as acting as a Dex synthetic set.

Despite being uncommon, such as UniSwap or Pancake Swap, it still achieved motivation in the Dex space. Another highlight is that it collects liquidity from many liquidity groups and independent trading platforms.

The focus of 1 inch is to achieve the best possible exchange rates and provide effective transactions for users. That is the main reason why 1inch uses capital from most Defi markets. This approach allows 1inch to reduce its fees, helping traders spend less on gas charges.

In recent developments, 1 inch has been integrated with Nexus Mutual. It means that users can now get coverage for their DEFI-based activities. In addition, users have dedicated access to the administrative model and can take advantage of attractive productivity tactics.

Kyber Swap

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Kyber Swap acts as a liquidity and collection protocol from various reserves to ensure and grant the right to exchange notifications on all non-central applications. Technically, Kyber Swap incorporates smart contract protocols to output tokens.

Kyber provides instant replacement services such as Changelly and Shapeshift, unlike other non-central exchange platforms. Remember that reserves refer to an individual providing liquidity. Currently, Kyber Swap does not work as an unauthorized system.

Instead, you need to be approved by the Kyber team to become a reserve. Kyber provides a unique and dedicated Dex protocol compared to other non-central trading floors.

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